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More Insight On Shanahans Leave

February 15, 2009

Pat Bowlen

Pat Bowlen

I really thought we were done with this. But I guess it will never really end. This week Woody Paige wrote an interesting article about the Broncos that gave a bit more insight on why Mike Shanahan was fired by Pat Bowlen.

Shanahan told Bowlen he wanted the owner to build a new practice facility. The Broncos’ current headquarters in suburban Dove Valley was opened in 1990 and is named in honor of the owner’s late father, Paul D. Bowlen. In 2005 the facility was renovated.

Apparently that was a step too far in Mike Shanahan’s control over the Broncos. One source said that “it was the beginning of the end of their professional relationship.” Another said it was “the first time that Bowlen said no to Shanahan.”

The ending as you would guess would be the multiple playoff misses, the weak records, a late season collapse and the horrendous defense. At that point Pat Bowlen came to the ultimate realization that he had no control left over the organization and that he had turned it over to Shanahan.

Bowlen even had said yes to virtually everything Dan Reeves who is also one of the Broncos greatest coaches (coach in 1984, also named vice president of the franchise in 1985) asked for until the owner fired him on Dec. 28, 1992.

So it looks that Bowlen has his franchise back and we know even more about Mike Shanahan’s firing. Sad as it may be it is good to know we have taken a step forwards in the organization with a great new coach like Josh McDaniels who I do like.


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