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Exclusive Draft Profile: LeSean McCoy

February 14, 2009

If you haven’t noticed the exclusive draft profiles are not all on the front page because we are posting them in the past so that they do not overflow the front page. So if you feel like you are missing these just search for them over in the little box. Today’s is LeSean McCoy.

LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy


Name: LeSean McCoy

Position: Running Back

School: Pittsburgh

Height & Weight: 5-11 / 210

Class: Junior

What I Think: Lesean McCoy is maybe one of the most exciting Running Backs in this years class. He has decent instincts and is certainly sporting a nice mixture of size and speed. It also takes a lot to knock him down. On many occasions, his awesome and total balance and control have kept McCoy upright when most backs would be flat on the ground. But he does not run between the tackles very well. While that is a concern for most NFL scouts he will still very easily be able to find a home in the NFL whether it is in the first or the second round. A team that has multiple running backs might be the perfect fit for him. He is the ultimate change of pace back. The reason that I point this out is he might be a good second rounder for the Broncos if he is still available. Imagine him and Hillis splitting the carries. We could have McCoy with his intense speed and outside edge rushing opposed to Hillis who could hammer it straight through the middle and power over the NFL. McCoy when turned on does not lose speed. After he runs 100 yards for a Touchdown he could probably run it back at full speed. It’s amazing. He does need to get stronger though and while is agile he is not as quick as some of the other running backs such as Donald Brown in his class. McCoy brings good hands into the receiving game and might be well groomed for a West Coast style offense. Also he needs to be taught to block better if he wants more playing time. In college he was one of only three players in Pitt history to achieve multiple 1,000-yard rushing seasons (Tony Dorsett, 1973-76; Curvin Richards, 1988-89). He was was named Big East Offensive Player of the Week for his USF performance. He even eclipsed receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s Pittsburgh record for most TDs as a freshman and sophomore. 

Draft Grade: B+


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