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The Redskins Officially Have An Obsession With Our Running Backs

February 13, 2009
Former Bronco Anthony Alridge

Former Bronco Anthony Alridge

We all know that the Redskins traded a long time ago for Clinton Portis and have had some good years with him but apparently have now gotten another one of our former Running Backs only a few days after he was released by us.

Okay so it is really not a obsession more just like a coincidence. The Redskins have picked up off of the waiver wires Anthony Alridge and has added him in replacement of the soon to be released Shaun Alexander. Hopefully Alridge does not come back to haunt us.

Either way best of luck to him and the Redskins. I think we can all agree that we liked Alridge and that we can agree in hopes that he has a good tenure with his new team. For those of you who didn’t know Alridge was a pre-season standout before being injured for the season.


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