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Mock Draft Round 2!!!!!

February 10, 2009

I never thought I would live up to my promise from earlier this year about having a second round to our mock draft but I did. And now I will create another promise I don’t think I can fulfill. I will have a third round. But for now here is the second round to my NFL Mock Draft. It will be on Draft Central tomorrow so make sure you catch that with and updated first round also. 

33. Detroit Lions: Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia. They have already had two high picks in the first round and they still have so many holes it is unbelievable. Referring to my first round they already have gotten a QB to build around, and a Defensive End that could improve the D-Line but if they want to support that D-Line the need a Linebacker and Clint Sintim is a potential first rounder even.

34. Kansas City Chiefs: Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas St. While Tyler Thigpen is good enough to last them a little while, they can pass over a QB in the first round. Fast-forward to the second round and they need a more long-term solution at QB than Thigpen. Freeman couldn’t start immediately but give him a bit of time and he could really lead the Chiefs to bigger and better things.

35. St. Louis Rams: Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama. In the continuing saga of high picks with non-sexy drafts the Rams will continue this by drafting an Offensive Tackle and now a Safety. *Yawn* That said, Rashad Johnson would be a major improvement over anybody they have now and will start to show some signs of life for a very weak Rams D.

36. Cleveland Browns: Lesean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh. For Pete’s sake, give the Browns a running back that can run faster than a 5.6! I mean seriously! Do you want to know how to kill a young QB? Put no running game behind them and the Browns are obviously attempting to do that with Brady Quinn. McCoy is a potential 1st rounder and one of the best running backs in the draft. With him in the backfield it could be the start of something special for the Browns Offense.

37. Seattle Seahawks: Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers. Anything to keep Matt Hasselbeck from throwing to their current Wide Receivers would begin. For the time being I expect them to choose Chris Wells and that would not get them a star Wide Receiver. So now they will have to settle for a decent Wide Receiver and Kenny Britt can be that guy.

38. Cincinnati Bengals: Larry English, DE, Northern Illinois. It’s like the Bengals can’t do anything right. To think that after years of terrible defense and excellent offense their defense has a bit more ability! Either way they still have a huge hole at Defensive End that needs filling on day one. Larry English is a talented physical player, who would really build up this Bengals team.

39. Jacksonville Jaguars: Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut. It would be really exciting if the Jaguars got a player like Darius Butler. They have been missing an impact Cornerback for some time and while formerly nickel and diming the position they will finally spend a high pick on it. With Butler they would not be sorry for it.

40. Oakland Raiders: Troy Kropog, OT, Tulane. Sorry Troy. I hated to do this to you but all signs point to you being the next player for the Oakland Raiders Offensive Line. Do you want to know why? Kropog is not only an Offensive Tackle which is maybe the Raiders biggest need right now but he is the only Tackle to run under a 5.00 40 time in this years class.  Al Davis will have trouble not drafting him.

41. Green Bay Packers: Paul Kruger, DE, Utah. The Packers are in need of an effective Defensive End on their team opposite Aaron Kampan who could put some good pressure on the Offense. I do not think that there is anybody who could be as a solid a pick at this point than Kruger. With most talented Defensive Ends off the board Kruger will still be a solid choice for the Packers.

42. Buffalo Bills: Max Unger, C, Oregon. The position of Center has really just hurt the Bills over the year with the rest of the O-Line. The Bills if they would draft Max Unger would have quite an upgrade at that position. If they don’t like him there though he can move to another position and he can be successful there.

43. San Francisco 49ers: Evander Hood, DT, Missouri. Well I think what we can take away from new 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary is that he is a no nonsense kind of coach. He also likes Defensive Tackles. So when you get a team leader and good character player Evander Hood, and then you mix that with strong defensive skills and a big need at Defensive Tackle I think that the smart choice for the niners would be a powerful player like Evander Hood.

44. Miami Dolphins: Sean Smith, CB/S, Utah. The Dolphins have a big need for a Safety and a Cornerback. While Sean Smith is not a second round worth Cornerback he is a third and he is not second round safety, he is a third. But together it makes him a second.

45. New York Giants: Clay Matthews, OLB, USC. The Giants have a lot of needs but they are all relatively small and due to age or lots of odd reasons whether it is players who might go to jail for years or injuries or whatever. Clay Matthews would be a great pick. Clay Matthews is a super athletic Linebacker and would be a decent player for the Giants defense.

46. Houston Texans: Patrick Chung, S, Oregon. While he would not be the best Safety available at this point, the Texans desperately need a Strong Safety more than they do a Free Safety and when you have a choice between a stronger Free Safety (no pun intended) and an almost equal Patick Chung playing Strong Safety, they will go for Chung.

47. New England Patriots: Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut. The Patriots if they can find a decent Running Back can plug them into their system with ease but if they could find a real long term solution at the position it would really help them if their passing game should for whatever reason not prosper. Donald Brown has potential to be a workhorse back and even if that were not what they want him to do he would still be a good pick.

48. Denver Broncos: Louis Delmas, S, Western Mich. The Broncos could really use an upgrade at the Safety position and if they could grab Delmas this late it would be really good. He would be a fantastic addition against the run even that far back on the field and also with the right coaching could be very effective as a ball hawk. The Broncos would be set for a few years if they drafted him.

49. Chicago Bears: Connor Barwin, DE, Cincinnati. The Bears defense lives and dies by their Defensive Ends and that means that they are dying a lot. Connor Barwin if they would draft him would be an immediate upgrade with his great athleticism and his possible contributions to Special Teams.

50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina. This years Tight End class is anything but star-studded but the Buccaneers can’t live off of Alex Smith forever and would really like an upgrade there. Jared Cook while this may be a bit of a reach would still be an extremely good pick and the South Carolina Tight End might be a solid starter at the next level.

51. Dallas Cowboys: Herman Johnson, G, LSU. The position of guard has been pesky for the Cowboys as they have faced lots of injuries and even when their starters play they are not that impressive. That is why they would draft Herman Johnson who eventually could grow into a starter and also serve as a good backup in case of injuries.

52. Philidelphia Eagles: Tyrone McKenzie, OLB, South Florida. The Eagles not only need some depth at this position but just some talent. Their current Outside Linebackers are mediocre at best and McKenzie would be a good addition to their squad.

53. New York Jets: Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati. The Jets are in need of a really good Cornerback and while their need isn’t enough to draft one in the first round, they should try to get one in the second round. Mickens might be considered a reach but at this point it would be impossible to get him later for them so they need to get him now and hope that it does not turn out to be a bust.

54. Minnesota Vikings: Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston St. The Vikings have been looking for a good QB for some time now and if they do not draft one in the second round the fans will not be happy. That is why no matter what the risk they need to get Bomar here. Whether he starts next year or even the year after that he still is going to be a good pick whether it is they think he is going to be a good starter or it is because they just need to do it for the fans.

55. Atlanta Falcons: Michael Hamlin, S, Clemson. Michael Hamlin is a great player and after the Atlanta Falcons got beat time after time in the secondary in the playoffs and the regular season, they need someone there who can not get beat that easily. Hamlin doesn’t have great speed but still isn’t easily beat.

56. Miami Dolphins: Sen’ Derrick Marks, DT, Auburn. The Dolphins if they want to continue these playoff runs need a good nose tackle who can be able to stop the run and Sen’ Derrick Marks is the right player for the team. Also Jason Ferguson just turned 34, and his contract expires after the 2009 season. The Dolphins need some sort of upgrade on the line and Marks would be a good choice here.

57. Baltimore Ravens: Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech. The Ravens if they pass over a Cornerback in the first round would be lucky to steal Harris at this point.

58. New England Patriots: Dannell Ellerbe, MLB, Georgia. Send out an S.O.S! The Patriots need someone to pair up with Jerod Mayo on the inside with Junior Seau like 40 years old. Landing Ellerbe at this point would be great for the Patriots and as you all know they like their Linebacker so they won’t hesitate to get a Linebacker this early even when it is not that urgent.

59. Carolina Panthers: Ron Brace, DT, Boston College. The Panthers could seriously use a Defensive Tackle to improve the already weakening line especially with the practically certain departure of Julius Peppers. Ron Brace would be a great player who could fit into any of the Defensive Schemes

60. New York Giants: James Davis, RB, Clemson. Brandon Jacobs has his contract up and might be hitting the Free Agent Market so the Giants will need to draft someone that can team up with Ahmad Bradshaw so they can continue a successful running game. James Davis is just a smaller bit faster Brandon Jacobs with almost as much power. I could see him being a good Giant.

61. Indianapolis Colts: Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan St. Joseph Addai looked like he was going to have a great NFL career but he is injured all the time and lately when he plays he looks pretty weak. If Javon Ringer is available when they draft they might want to jump so they can give some more support to an aging Peyton Manning. 

62. Tennessee Titans: Jonathan Luigs, C, Arkansas. The Titans could use a Center of the future to replace the rapidly aging Kevin Mawae. Mawae might not even last another year before he retires and if so then they need a solution for him. Luigs is a talented player who the Titans might even be able to move to guard until he finally replaces Mawae.

63. Arizona Cardinals: Eric Wood, C, Louisville. Currently the Cardinals current Center is screwing up sometimes two snaps a game and can’t block for his life. So yeah. They need a solution for that and Eric Wood might do that well.

64. Pittsburgh Steelers: Gerald McGrath, MLB, Southern Mississippi. The Steelers have a bit of a need at Middle Linebacker due to age and the fact that their current Linebackers not only will soon retire but are starting to become less effective. With a great player like McGrath here they could get a project who they could shape into an eventual starter for their Linebacking core.


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