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Exclusive Draft Profile: Josh Freeman

February 8, 2009

It has been a little while since we have done an exclusive draft profile because I have been working on the second round of our Mock Draft. Today we will have the Exclusive Draft Profile of QB Josh Freeman from Kansas St.

Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman


Name: Josh Freeman

Position: Quarterback

School: Kansas St.

Height & Weight: 6-6 / 238

Class: Senior

What I Think: Josh Freeman would be probably the third best Quarterback in the NFL Draft and could be in either the first or the second round. First of there are no questions about arm strength; he shows elite arm strength on 15- to 20-yard stick throws (outs, posts). He makes good decisions and rarely throws interceptions. He also has good footwork and is great against the pass rush. His upside is very good but he also has a bit of a downside. Freeman has weak accuracy and when he throws it harder it is going to be quite inaccurate. On the other hand he doesn’t have as many interceptions because he is able to make great decisions. He is wildly inconsistent though and can be the best player in football for three weeks and then one of the worst starters in the next few. We d0 not know much about his leadership skills but so far they are questionable. Freeman’s physical tools makes him a near lock for the first day of the NFL Draft, because of his physical tools, with first-round potential. He could be either a boom or bust prospect and reminds me of Jamarcus Russell in the way that they have very similar arm strength and that his accuracy is bad but he has a great upside. I think that he will be one of the most interesting prospects to see where he ends up being drafted in the draft.

Draft Grade: B


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