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Exclusive Draft Profile: Jason Smith

January 28, 2009

A Senior who has recently received a lot of looks from scouts is Jason Smith a underrated Offensive Tackle from Baylor who we have neglected from our mock draft. Don’t count on that for much longer. So enjoy his draft profile!

Jason Smith


Name: Jason Smith

Position: Offensive Tackle

School: Baylor

Height & Weight: 6-5 / 305

Class: Senior

What I Think: Jason Smith is a pretty interesting prospect in this years class. He has a lot of upside but still might be found very questionable by some. A bright spot on the Baylor University Football team he has outstanding athleticism, and is extremely nimble not to mention light on his feet. That said he can still totally overpower any Defensive Lineman in question. He just needs to get a bit stronger and build a bit more bulk. He might do a very good job in a Zone Blocking Scheme and originally played Tight End. That could be a nice upside to him in the NFL, because of his versatility to play positions other than the line. He is very agile and has good balance for an Offensive Tackle. Smith has an amazing opening punch and can move well laterally. While his strength is not consistent throughout his blocks, he can sometimes throw a player off so much with that first punch that it is impossible for him to recover. It reminds me of Madden when you push your second joystick to knock your Defender over on the snap. That is exactly how Smith plays. He will get pushed backwards and isn’t very stout at the point of attack. He has lots of experience and upside to his game. He has been playing in the Big 12 for 4 years not only as a player but as a starter. He needs to work on his footwork and his leverage but when you look at what he could be, well… It’s a bit intimidating. He is intelligent with a fantastic work ethic that all of his coaches can’t stop raving about. From what I have heard he has some minor durability concerns when he missed 5 games in 2007 due to a foot injury. Baylor does not have a pro style offense though but with the right coaching it might not matter, he is so good. Smith is a unique type of tackle with a lot of upside which some teams will find very attractive. UPDATE: The combine is done and he is the best player in this years Offensive Tackle draft class. His grade goes up one letter.

Draft Grade: A 


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