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Exclusive Draft Profile: Mark Sanchez

January 25, 2009

So Sam Bradford is gone… So who finishes as the second best QB in the entire Draft? That would be Mark Sanchez who has had his stock soar up to a potential top 10 pick. That is why we have created his Exclusive Draft Profile. Also tomorrow you can check back for our updated mock draft!

Mark Sanchez Stares Down The Field

Mark Sanchez Stares Down The Field


Name: Mark Sanchez

Position: Quarterback

School: USC

Height & Weight: 6-3 / 225

Class: Junior

What I Think: Mark Sanchez is the most recent player to have his hype soar and is starting to look very good to a lot of scouts. But he is also scaring some as he is from USC. I know you all love USC and think well, how could just because every other offensive player they have ever brought into the NFL be a bust make this new player? I am not totally sure. As many of you know, for some players I remind you all why USC is a liability to them like Brian Cushing, Sedrick Ellis and Taylor Mays. One already is a bust, one has applied for the draft and might be a bust, one has another year to go. But for some, Mark Sanchez, Rey Maualuga I put that all beside and just look at how good of a player they are. I will do that today with Sanchez because he really is a great player. Actually, he kind of reminds me of a certain Jay Cutler. Both of them have that gun-slinger mentality and when Sanchez gets to the NFL he is going to have one of the strongest arms there. Oh, and they are both number 6. Sanchez has decent vision and good size for QB. He has a bullet arm and sometimes it is so strong it doesn’t leave the tightest spiral on the ball. Sanchez has decent speed to and while it is not Michael Vick or Vince Young or David Garrard fast, he has wheels that he can use. He is not calm under pressure but is smart and is not very decisive. He can make a good decision quick and might be a good pick for a team with a weak O-Line. After watching some film of his game versus Penn St. in the Rose Bowl he was put under pressure the entire time and while did not look calm made mainly good throws. He has a habit of sometimes overthrowing his receivers though which in retrospect is better than under throwing a receiver. Sanchez served as the backup quarterback as a sophomore in 2007, but he ended up starting 3 games (Arizona, Notre Dame and Oregon) for an injured John David Booty and performed well but then the next year took over as the starting QB and outdid David-Booty in every way possible. One of the best things about him that really raised his great from a B+ is that he was willing to do every single drill in the combine which really impressed me. He is a potential first rounder and a good player. 

Draft Grade: A

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  1. January 30, 2009 5:00 AM

    I don’t know why but when I watch film on him, there’s some thing about him that makes me not like him. He’s a great player — but I think he’s way over rated. I don’t think he could make it in the NFL as a starter.

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