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Hooked On Lush Gum, and Something To Do With Jay Cutler

January 24, 2009

Recently a friend of mine hooked me onto this new chewing gum by Wrigley’s. It’s called Wrigley’s 5 Chewing Gum and my favorite flavor is Lush. I have always been sort of a gum addict and whenever I go to the grocery store I buy a pack of gum to last me a few days. Now I am totally hooked on this Lush Gum. 

This may sound random but it leads me to my next point well which will be about Jay Cutler. I have been watching some of his tape and for once I finally have something good about him. Usually, love him as I may, I only write editorials that criticize him. Today though, I am going to complement him. Don’t count on this happening very often.

Like I said, I have been watching some of his tape and have been noticing something great. Jay does not get locked on one receiver. He goes through his progressions well and does not focus on just Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. He is not hooked on a single receiver all the time. Cutler seems to throw it to who is doing the best job.

While he does sometimes make bad throws when a player is covered it is not because he likes that one receiver. If you have not noticed, when he makes a bad throw it could be to anyone. I have seen him make Intercepted throws to Chad Mustard for pete’s sake. So yeah, Jay Cutler is making major progress in his career and I think that this good habit is working for him.

Jay, just a note. I know it is hard to not love to throw it to B-Marsh or Eddie Royal but you are doing a great job of staring down the field and not finding the most reliable receiver but the best person to throw it at that time in question. I know I am critical of you Jay but you do have a lot of pluses and this is just one of them.

And yes, Lush Gum is delicious but don’t blame me when it leaves you with a bad aftertaste. I am sort of going through that right now. Ew.


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