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What You Didn’t Know: Our Coaching Staff

January 23, 2009

Ed Donatell Our Secondary Coach

Every once in a while I think I am going to throw in one of these columns into the mix. Today I thought that I would give you guys a couple of facts you didn’t know about our coaching staff that in all likeliness you didn’t know. I hope you enjoy everything you didn’t know. We will have more of these about Broncos players and such.

Ed Donatell for instance is our new Secondary Coach. He is a really talented coach who has been very successful throughout his career. But what you didn’t know is that like Mike Nolan our Defensive Coordinator his successful career began in Denver when he was our Defensive Back coach in ’95 to ’99. 

Adam Gase our Wide Receivers Coach was a Student Assistant Coach at Michigan St. University for his college years until he moved into the NFL. What you didn’t know was that while he served as the Student Assistant Coach Josh McDaniels was a Graduate Assistant Coach and the two formed a close friendship.

As many of you know our coaching staff is made up of a lot of coaches who have coached for rival teams in the AFC West. Most people know that, but what they didn’t know is that coaches that have coached for our rival teams make up 45% of our Assistant Coaching Staff.

Mike McCoy is our new Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach who has become renowned for his work back in Carolina with the Panthers and Jake Delhomme. He had worked with other teams before that but what you didn’t know is that he was an un-drafted free agent signed by no one else but the Denver Broncos.

Finally Josh McDaniels. Oh Josh McDaniels, many people criticize you saying that we need a defensively minded coach and not an Offensively minded coach. But what you didn’t know is that in fact McDaniels began his career in the NFL as a Defensively minded coach. He was a Defensive Coaching Assistant for the New England Patriots before he moved to the offensive side of the ball. 

So that’s what you didn’t know. Next week I will have one of these on something else that I still haven’t decided on yet. Tell me what you think of it!

  1. January 24, 2009 9:50 AM

    I see the “Best defense is a good offense” mode of thinking. Ball-control offense will keep the defense off the field.

  2. January 24, 2009 10:19 AM

    I agree, Ahmondt that seems how this team is built in our coaching staff. That would also make sense because that usually sinks in well with a 3-4 Defense which with Mike Nolan it looks like we will incorporate.

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