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Exclusive Draft Profile: Ron Brace

January 21, 2009

Ron Brace a Defensive Tackle from Boston College is a great prospect to draft in the second to third round. He is one of the most intriguing Defensive Tackle prospects in the draft with his run stopping talents. Here is his brand new Exclusive Draft Profile!

Ron Brace

Ron Brace


Name: Ron Brace

Position: Defensive Tackle

School: Boston College

Height & Weight: 6-3 / 324

Class: Senior

What I Think: Ron Brace is a Broncos fan favorite for the NFL Draft and looks like he is a potential second round pick. He and B.J Raji teamed up last year to create one of the most formidable Defensive Tackle teams in all of College Football. Brace has great size and bulk and is very quick off the snap. He has great strength and is stout at the point of attack. Brace is terrific against the run opposed to Raji who was better against the pass. He gets a good push up the middle and can totally collapse the pocket. Brace is a powerful tackler and shows potential to shoot gaps and penetrate at some times. With lots of playing time Brace has learned a lot of the game and seems to have a high football IQ compared to most Defensive Tackles. He has great instincts and awareness too. Brace is not a sack artist and his repertoire of pass rush moves is limited. He also needs to use his hands better and get proper leverage on every single play. Also his conditioning and stamina might be an issue. He also can get hung up on blocks and be dominated by an Offensive Linemen. Brace’s motor is inconsistent and that could hurt him because we do not know how he will compare against double teams, so I would be worried about that. Brace was awarded All-ACC honorable mention honors in 2007 and is ranked third on the team with 7.5 TFLs, recorded a career-high 2.5 sacks. The thing about him is that you can not base his contributions on to a team by statistics. He does so much more than that and can plug up holes very well. 

Draft Grade: B+

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