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Capers Will Not Join Broncos Staff

January 19, 2009

Dom Capers

As of late it had been speculated that former Texans Head Coach, and Patriots Secondary Coach, Dom Capers would join the Broncos in some fashion like a Linebackers or Defensive Line coach after being told he would not return to the Pats next season.

Those rumors though have been officially debunked today as he joined the Green Bay Packers coaching staff as their Defensive Coordinator. This serves as quite a blow for it would be great having such a great defensive mind on our staff. 

Capers also was earlier considered to be part of the Broncos coaching staff as the Defensive Coordinator but Head Coach Josh McDaniels instead hired the more highly acclaimed Mike Nolan and hoped that Capers would join the staff in a smaller role.

The one problem had he joined our staff is that he runs a 4-3 defense which causes us to speculate we did not jump as quickly on him for he might clash with Mike Nolan. The Giants had also shown interest in Capers to replace Spagnuolo as Defensive Coordinator.

While this is quite a blow since Capers would have perfected this coaching staff  with great experience and dramatically improve this defense, we should be able to find another coach of his stature. I am not sure who else might be on our radar but we will be here all day covering any other rumors. So stay tuned!

  1. January 19, 2009 2:35 PM

    hey guy. I kind of knowed this guy not be here because once lady told me to ate some caper and it was real foul.

  2. January 19, 2009 2:50 PM

    dang, i should have known that…

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