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McCoy Would Be a Mistake

January 18, 2009

Mike McCoy

Josh McDaniels is currently choosing his coaching staff for next year and Rick Dennison and Bobby Turner seem to be the only locks to stay on the staff. With Rick Dennison being demoted though to the Offensive Line coach who will be the Offensive Coordinator?

Josh McDaniels seems to like Mike McCoy from Carolina who is the QB and Passing Coordinator. His claim to fame is bringing Jake Delhomme to his full potential and sending him to a pro bowl. He also was praised for winning games in 2007 with 4 different starting QB’s. 

But when you think about it, he has done nothing very special besides that. He made a few bad QB’s play average besides Jake Delhomme where he took an average QB and made him play decently except for one pro bowl year. Sure he has worked with Steve Smith but that was mainly the Wide Receiver coaches. 

I do not see anything special in McCoy and Delhommes recent failures reflect a bit on him and we don’t want Jay Cutler to play like Delhomme did in his playoff game against the Cardinals. Maybe he would be a good Coordinator, I don’t really know. But I would not feel that safe with him as our Offensive Coordinator. 


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