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McCoy Hired As New OC

January 18, 2009

This morning I wrote an article on how it would be a mistake to hire Mike McCoy as the Broncos new Offensive Coordinator. Apparently Josh McDaniels didn’t listen to my warning. The Broncos and Josh McDaniels have hired Mike McCoy as their new Offensive Coordinator.

Mike McCoy with QB's Delhomme and McCown

Mike McCoy with QB's Delhomme and McCown

McCoy was the QB and Passing Coordinator for the Carolina Panthers has come on over to the Denver Broncos as our new Offensive Coordinator to replace the recently demoted Rick Dennison who is now our Offensive Line Coach.

McCoy will largely be responsible for game preparation through the week, especially in the passing game, since McDaniels will call plays on game day. His hiring also according to the Rocky Mountain News “likely signals Jeremy Bates, the Broncos quarterbacks coach last season who also called plays on game day, is headed elsewhere unless he wants to accept a far smaller role on the offensive staff.”

Please Mr. Bates would you just stay with us and accept a smaller role, we would really like to keep you. Bates if he stayed would be only one of three coaches so far to stay with the Broncos including Bobby Turner and Rick Dennison.

McDaniels is also looking to possibly hire Dom Capers in some way to the coaching staff. He was originally thought to be the Defensive Coordinator but might still fit in well somewhere else in the coaching staff like another Defensive Position coach. Capers had a year left on his deal with the Patriots, but will not be back with the team in 2009.

While I am not thrilled with this acquisition maybe I can learn to like McCoy. If in fact Capers joins in some way it would be hard to be unhappy with the coaching signings as I have so far gotten almost everyone I have wanted in the coaching staff.


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