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McDaniels & Cutler Finally Talk

January 15, 2009
Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

This is an article from the Denver Post on Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels finally getting talk about the team and the acquisitions for the team that will be made.

After a couple of missed connections and a game of phone tag, new Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels finally got to speak with quarterback Jay Cutler on Wednesday.

“I think that’s just time spent and effort put in on his part, my part, the quarterback coach’s part, whoever it is that is working with him at that particular time,” said McDaniels, who replaced Mike Shanahan. “We’re going to work hard to get (Cutler) just as comfortable with my system and this system as he was in Mike’s system.”

McDaniels told KCNC-4 that the two had “a great back-and-forth” conversation as they discussed what type of offense McDaniels is going to have Cutler run next season.

“We had a great conversation about where we’re going, what we’re going to do and some of the things we’ve done in New England in the past and some of the things they did here,” McDaniels told KCNC-4. “We had a very, very lively conversation. I can’t wait to meet him.”

Cutler left Denver for vacation just hours after the team returned from San Diego on Dec. 29 and has not been back in town or spoken publicly since McDaniels was hired.

The distance not to mention McDaniels’ hectic schedule during his first days on the job meant the two had to exchange messages for a bit before finally connecting.

McDaniels told reporters Monday that establishing a relationship with Cutler will be important to him, and that he intends to work closely with the quarterbacks.

Perhaps the strongest part of McDaniels’ resume is his track record with quarterbacks in New England first with star Tom Brady, especially in 2007 when McDaniels choreographed the Patriots’ record-setting offense; and then this season, when he helped Brady’s backup, Matt Cassel, win 11 games despite not starting since high school.


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