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Casey Wiegmann going To The Pro Bowl

January 14, 2009
Casey Wiegmann

Casey Wiegmann

I just thought that I would share a little golden nugget of information that I just received over the up and coming Pro Bowl. By the way Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are already attending it.

Apparently Casey Wiegmann who was formerly the first alternate for the Pro Bowl if someone happened to get injured and could not attend the game has been advanced to a actual Pro Bowler. 

But Kevin Mawae who was originally scheduled to start there was injured in the playoffs and will be out for 4 months to repair a a triceps tendon tear that will need surgery to fix. He was not able to attend the game and therefore Wiegmann is going to Hawaii.

While I would much rather see Ryan Clady there because he was simply more deserving it is still great Wiegmann will be there. This will be his first Pro Bowl after 13 seasons as a player. He was an alternate 3 other times.

Being my 13th year it means a lot more. Usually that’s when people start hitting their downside or are out of the league,” Wiegmann told the Rocky Mountain News. “Being in the Pro Bowl and having people respect the way I’ve been playing is definitely exciting for me.”

He also said that “it was tough playing in Kansas City with two Hall of Famers and possibly three, and it was luck of the draw. But I loved playing with those guys and learned a lot.”

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  1. January 15, 2009 8:38 AM

    you know it guy, the Clady dserved he pro bowl was robbed of pro bowl that foul. they even say he secon team all pro no respect, Maybe cause he not speak say much. We need to be like subotae in conand barbariat movie, fan need to speak for clady cause he not have to say any thing. casey weegsman was pritty good too the ryan harries too the bronco flop loosed was no fault of offence line.

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