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Bates To Interview With Oakland

January 13, 2009

Jeremy Bates With Jay Cutler -

Please tell me that this is a cruel joke. Please! Apparently the Broncos are so sure that Jeremy Bates will be out of Denvers plans that he has been granted permission to interview with the Raiders! I really hope that this is a joke. 

By rule, teams can block assistant coaches from taking any position with a new team other than head coach. So I am guessing that the Broncos do not feel very attached to Jeremy Bates at this point. And my impression is that Josh McDaniels doesn’t like him.

Jay Cutler can not be happy about this. He has made it well known that he really wants Jeremy Bates to stay with the team and Cutler is already upset how it is with Mike Shanahan leaving. I think he will like Josh McDaniels but still this will make him angry.

While that is one side of looking at it the other is that Jeremy Bates will have to stay because of just that reason. I wish I could hear what Jay Cutler has to say about this but so far there is no comment by him even on Josh McDaniels. 


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