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The Next Defensive Coordinator?

January 12, 2009

Nolan Is The Favorite for the Defensive Coor.

Well congratulations to Broncos coach Josh McDaniels who is now officially now the new head coach of our football team. But, who will be his defensive coordinator? There has been lots of speculation throughout the last day and they include three favorites.

Chris Mortensen who is usually wrong on things like that (no offense of course) has projected Sean McDermott as the next Defensive Coordinator of the Broncos. McDermott is a strong Defensive Backs coach for the Eagles and would be a great pick up for the Broncos coaching staff.

Oh, but the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post say that it will be Dom Capers, the former head coach of the Houston Texans and current Defensive Back coach of the New England Patriots. It would make sense but might be a bit less attractive than McDermott as he has had much more downs than ups in his career.

The final and consensus favorite introduced by Adam Schefter would be Mike Nolan the recently fired head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Nolan is by far one of the most strong defensively minded coaches in the NFL. He has helped create some prolific defenses and would be an awesome compliment to Josh McDaniels. He also formerly was a coach with the Denver Broncos back in the late 80’s.

Nolan currently looks to be the most likely pick and we have heard a lot of whispers around the league on that he is the favorite for the job. Expect choosing a new Defensive Coordinator to be the first thing Josh McDaniels does and it looks like as early as tomorrow he will be named. 

All 3 of these coaches would be good picks to be the defensive coordinator of the Broncos and would be major upgrades over all of our past Defensive Coordinators. If you want my personal opinion, I know that it will be Mike Nolan and am willing to bet money on it. He is the best guy for the job and could really turn around this defense. 


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