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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: Duke Robinson

January 11, 2009

Duke Robinson is the leader of the Offensive Guard class and after watching lots of film of him I have created a draft profile for him. I hope you guys enjoy our latest Bronco Madness draft profile!

Duke Robinson

Duke Robinson


Name: George “Duke” Robinson

Position: Offensive Guard

School: Oklahoma

Height & Weight: 6-5 / 335

Class: Senior

What I Think: George “Duke” Robinson (the grand nephew of Smokey Robinson) is to put it simply a beast. He is giant and has the greatest athletic skills of any Offensive Guard in the draft class. He has a huge frame with long arms and great bulk. He compliments that well with great strength on top of that which he uses to totally dominate blockers. His play is nasty and he finishes every play out until the whistle blows. I remember watching a tape of him and I remember seeing him blocking this one defensive end. The Defensive End got up and he pushed him down on the first try. He did it at least three times and I couldn’t help but laugh on how the end had no chance. Robinson is quick on the field and has decent mobility. He has great leverage and bends his knees. While he has a lot of pluses Robinson has been a bit inconsistent over the years and you could easily question his dedication to the game. He is known to rely solely on his athletic abilities and won’t spend much time in the film room. He has poor concentration and also is prone to getting holding penalties that will only get worse at the next level. Duke Robinson can be as good as he wants to be and that will depend on some good coaching, some more self motivation and the continuing of his already great physical skills. 

Draft Grade: B+

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