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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

January 10, 2009

This week I’ll tell you what the 2009 ‘Dream’ Off-Season would look like. Of course it’s all very unpractical, and will not happen, but I can dream 🙂

First off this week, the Houston Texans fire Gary Kubiak, then they hire Mike Shanahan as their Head Coach. (And in the draft they get Tim Tebow). Then the Broncos sign Steve Spagnuolo as their Head Coach, and he makes Gary Kubiak the Broncos Offensive coordinator.

First let’s fix ‘D’, with Free Agency, and the draft. In free agency Al Davis is dumb enough to lets  Nnamdi Asomugha go free to be a happy man. Asomugha wants even with the Raiders for what he had to go through, so he signs with the Denver Broncos. He, along with Champ, become the best dual corners in the NFL.

While Dre’ still sees good playing time; the Broncos start getting Jack Williams more action.  Albert Haynesworth gets in a HUGE fight with the Titans (over money) and finally they let the DT out of Tennessee. He ends up in Denver. Then in the draft the Broncos trade up for (this is not our first pick) and grab Brian Orakpo as DE.  With our first pick we select William Moore, then with our second we grab Taylor Mays to play safety on the other side of the field. Also in the draft we get Rey Maualuga to replace Nate Webster.

When camp starts with our new D-Coordinator, we decide to make a switch to a 3-4 defence.

Here’s what our ‘D’ would look like:


Pretty sweet huh?

Now on to Offense. First off our dozen backs. Of course some have to go. This is what it should look like: Starter: Peyton Hillis, FB: Ryan Torain, 3rd Down/Goaline Back: Michael Pittman, Back in the Mix: Selvin? Tatum? Some one like that.

On the line, we are set, except Casey Weigman may retire. No Pro-Blem-Oh, rookie center who played goal line FB Kory Lichtensteiger, here’s what has to say about him:“Lichtensteiger saw action in every game in 2008. His primary contributions were on special teams, but he often lined up as an H-Back in the jumbo package on offense.” I know he’s young, and has NO experience in Pro’s as a center, but I think he’d be fine.

Our WR’s are fine, some will go, some may come, who cares? QB, we need another, if Jay went down we’d be done. The ‘Pat Rat’ is very unreliable, and Darrell Hackney is nothing special. So a good back-up quarter back would be nice. On Special Teams we need alot of help, but I’ll let them worry about that.

So, if all that happened we’d be the Team of Teams. If nothing else, I hope you got a good laugh 😉 Go Broncos!!

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness staff you can find his own blog at Broncos Zone. 

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    Like your site, want to blog roll?

    (My site is still under construction, so it’ll be awhile till I figure some stuff out)

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