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And Then There Were Five… Or Two?

January 10, 2009
Josh McDaniels With Tom Brady

Josh McDaniels With Tom Brady

According to ESPN The Broncos have narrowed it down to 5 coaches in our search to replace Mike Shanahan. It seems that the only candidates that could possibly be our coach are Raheem Morris, Steve Spagnuolo, Leslie Frazier, Josh McDaniels and Jason Garrett.

While they are all in the running there are two favorites that the rumor is might be narrowed down even more to. Surprisingly Steve Spagnuolo is not one of them. They are Leslie Frazier and Josh McDaniels both who the Broncos have been impressed by in their interviews.

Josh McDaniels may be the bigger of the two right now as he served the Broncos a second interview by having dinner with Owner Pat Bowlen. Leslie Frazier blew away the Broncos in their interview with his skillful play calling and his drive to win. The Broncos are going to have to make a tough decision.

Leslie Frazier is the Defensive Coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings for the time being and is one of the best Defensive play callers in the NFL. Josh McDaniels though is the Offensive Coordinator for the New England Patriots who is one of the best Offensive minded coaches ever. He has trained Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and Matt Light among others. 

So which way do we go? Do we want to continue this high powered offense and not risk it but make it even better with Josh McDaniels? He is an exciting coach and could make Jay Cutler into a hall of fame caliber QB. He could make Brandon Marshall the next Randy Moss and Eddie Royal a new taller Wes Welker.

But there is Leslie Frazier, do we want to pump up on defense? But are we willing to risk the success of this offense? Leslie Frazier is not nearly as exciting as McDaniels but could really turn around this defense and put us in the playoffs just as well. 

In most cases I would be totally opposed to having a Offensive Coordinator come in and be the head coach of this team. But you have to remember that this is Josh McDaniels. The 2007 Patriots were the greatest offensive attack of any team in history. He might be able to do this with the Broncos and is very exciting. 

Leslie Frazier I like and know would be a solid pick but just doesn’t excite me the way that Josh McDaniels does. He isn’t that exciting and does not have the same type of buzz that a Josh McDaniels or Steve Spagnuolo has. That is my only problem with him. This decision will be hard but we might find out tomorrow so keep it here at Bronco Madness. 

Leslie Frazer - Vikings Training Camp

Leslie Frazer - Vikings Training Camp


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