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Leslie Frazier’s Name Is Tossed In The Race

January 4, 2009
Leslie Frazier - Cache

Leslie Frazier - Cache

Today the Broncos added yet another player into the head coaching talks with Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier of the Minnesota Vikings according to Jay Glazer of FOX News. Frazier is currently the Defensive Coordinator for the Vikings but also was a Defensive Back for the Bears amazing defense in their only Super Bowl win.

As a coach Frazier was the first ever Head Coach for Trinity College (now Trinity International University) in Illinois, for nine seasons. His first job as a coach in the NFL came under Andy Reid with the Eagles, as a defensive backs coach (1999-2002).

Frazier progressed with his coaching skills and while meeting Brad Childress back in Philidelphia he was hired by him to be the Defensive Coordinator of the Vikings. This was in 2007 and since the Vikings defense has been one of the NFL’s best as he served as a great replacement for Mike Tomlin.

It was reported that the Broncos would interview Frazier this week, however, should the Vikings beat the Eagles that would be impossible. So either he does not expect to win this week, the Broncos don’t expect the Vikings to win this week, Pat Bowlen is officially and idiot or Jay Glazer is just plain wrong. 

I think that Frazier is a good coach and might do well as our head coach. I could really see him blowing away the Broncos in an interview swaying them his way. The Vikings defense is good and Frazier is a great play caller. I like him more than Rasheed Morris but not as much as I like Steve Spagnuolo for the time being. If more info unfolds on this we will have it for you. 

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  1. January 4, 2009 5:29 PM

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