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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

January 3, 2009

This week on Saturday’s Horsing Around we are going to look back at the 2008 Denver Broncos season (in photos). Here’s a look at the year the Broncos had:

Week 1, we started the year with an away game — against the raiders. And we smashed them. With141 total rushing yards, and Jay’s 300 passing yards along with 5 offensive TD’s and two field goals from Matt Prater we won 41-14.


Week 2, we go home to face the Chargers. And with some ‘Mile High Magic’ we (after a bad call) score a Touchdown, then get the two point conversion, then held the Chargers offense we won the game 39-38.


Week 3, at home we have a bad day on the ‘D’ side, and a great day on the ‘O’ side. With 264 yards from Jay, and 105 rush yards we won 34-32.


Week 4, we go to KC on top of the world. At 3-0 the 0-3 Chiefs were just the team to ‘upset’ us. L.J. ran all over us, when we lost our first game of 2008 33-19.


Week 5, a great game if you love ‘D.’ My fav play from this game was when Champ went on a blitz and took Griese out of the game. We won 16-13.

Buccaneers Broncos Football

Week 6, Oh man this is starting to get depressing…what a season we had. Against the Jags we lost 24-17.


Week 7, I don’t even wanna talk about it.


Week 9, At home, we got beat up by the Dolphins. But Peyton Hillis had a good game. The score was 26-17.


Week 10, I think was the best game all year. I was there on my birthday with my brother. At half time it was 20-10 we were down, and the Browns fans were barking at us to say the least. (Glad we were not in the dawg pound). And man, they can rub stuff in. Then in the 4th quarter we scored 21 points and won 34-30! It was a great game! Then we started using our mouths a bit 🙂 Cleveland is a dangerous place. We are lucky we got out of there.


Week 11, The NFL meets Peyton Hillis, against the Falcons (and Jason Elam) we had a great game, and won 24-20. And it looked like our season was back on the track we were on when we were 4-1.


Week 12, Ummm, funny I don’t remember that game? Haha I guess I have to be a sport, the Raiders beat us 31-10.


Week 13, The Jets game, oh I loved that game. From the very beginning everything went right. We held Brett Favre to a INT, sacked and forced a fumble on him, and he never scored. And the whole rest of the year was down hill for him. Peyton Hillis had another great game, and Brandon the win with a late score. The game ended with a score of 34-17.


Week 14, Against the Chiefs we carried our momentum from the Jets game and came away with a win 24-17. But the win had a huge price tag on it. And I think that price was why we were hideous at the end of the year. We lost our starting back. Peyton Hillis was put on IR, and we never got back into the running game till Tatum Bell scored twice against the Chargers. But we got going too late.


Week 15, The collapse begins, as we get killed by Steve Smith and the Panthers in Carolina 30-10.


Week 16, A win and we would have clinched the Division and played the Colts at Mile High. And we had our chances, but B-Sto could not hold on to what would have been a game-tying touchdown and we lost 30-23.


Week 17, Tatum Bell re-discovers himself as he racks up 117 total yards, and two 37 yards scores. But it was not enough as our defense let the Chargers score on just about every drive, and our offense stopped itself. And we lost our season and missed out on the Playoffs. And ultimately lost our greatest coach.


What a season. We are all looking forward to next year, and the return of Peyton Hillis.

My fav Bronco from 2008 is Peyton Hillis whohad in just six starts with the team he touched the ball 82 times, got 522 yards, and scored 6 touchdowns! On ‘D’ Elvis Dumervil who even with a broken thumb still managed to get 5 sacks and a forced fumble. Going into his forth year with theBroncos he has 26 sacks, an interception, and 5 forced fumble. He along with Peyton are my fav Broncos. Jay Cutler would probably be the 2008 MVP, in his Pro Bowl season he had 25 TD’s and 4,526 record setting yards. Our rookie of the year I think everybody agrees is Eddie Royal.

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness Staff, you find his own blog at: Broncos Zone


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