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Is Kyle Shanahan Really a Prospect?

December 31, 2008

It seems that we have thrown out about every single prospect for the Broncos to possibly have replace Mike Shanahan. There are more but we are forgetting one person who a lot of people might be interested in having as our Head Coach next year.

Kyle Shanahan, Mike Shanahans’ son is the current Offensive Coordinator of the Houston Texans and has been raved by the players and the coaches of the Texans. He has a young offensive mind and he takes a new approach to most offenses and could in some peoples opinion be a possible successor to his father.

There are so many wrong things with this idea but we will only name a few. First off and the most obvious, is he really willing to replace his father?! Don’t you think it might be a bit soon and a bit too awkward to have him come in and take over the coaching position. 

The second reason is that he has only been an offensive coordinator for not even an entire year after being promoted from QB Coach. The third and I think the most important is that the younger Shanahan has had no experience with defenses and that is the side of the ball that we need the biggest upgrade at. Some experts think we will go after an offensive mind though to pick up where Mike left off. 

While I have no idea why this would possibly happen there would be some positives to making this move. First off, Kyle Shanahan has a young, fresh mind and we have a young offense. The two could click very well especially because Kyle has been a QB coach in the past and also was an offensive coordinator. With all of this combined it could be great for the Broncos.

Kyle Shanahan - Houston

Kyle Shanahan - Houston

Kyle still has a lot of the same ideas that Mike had on how to work with a team and while his are more fresh it would not be a big adjustment for the players. Finally Gary Kubiak brought a similar playbook to Houston from Denver so our Offensive team would not need to make that big of an adjustment.

I also don’t think that either Pat Bowlen or Kyle Shanahan would be willing to have another Shanahan in the organization. I think that Bowlen feels like it is time for a bigger change than bringing in yet another member of the Shanahan family in to the Denver Broncos organization. Kyle Shanahan probably feels that it would be betrayal to his father to come coach for the Broncos even though its hard to pass up a Head Coaching job in such a great organization. 

While he might click well with the team there are too many reasons why Kyle Shanahan should not be our head coach. I think that while it is an interesting and good idea for Shanahan lovers like myself there is just no way it could happen and it is hard to take this idea very seriously. 


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