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Bob Stoops On Bowlens’ Radar

December 31, 2008
Bob Stoops

Bob Stoops Calls The Plays - From

Right now we have found a very intriguing prospect who the Broncos might find as their next head coach after the recent firing of Mike Shanahan. His name is Bob Stoops and he is the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners. 

Two NFL sources have tipped ESPN that Pat Bowlen is very interested in Bob Stoops and his coaching style. Stoops the coach of the Oklahoma Sooners is leading them to the BCS Bowl these next few weeks.

He has one of the best defensive minds in the business but also will have no trouble working with a great offense like ours as he has become famous with his fantastic offense lead by Sam Bradford and Phil Loadholt. He is a great college coach and the Broncos seem to have some serious interest in. 

There have been rumors for years that Bob Stoops would end up in the NFL and the Broncos seem like a perfect fit for him. Bowlen was a Sooner for years and still is a big supporter of the School. That is a reason that Bowlen at first seemed like he liked Bob Stoops as our coach.

The good thing about Stoops is that he could come at a cheap price due to the fact that he comes from the college ranks. If Shanahan decides not to coach next year Bob could be a good fit for the franchise. He is young, brings fresh ideas, and could be one of the few players that the franchise could afford if Shanahan decides not to coach next year. 

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  1. matt permalink
    January 1, 2009 4:20 PM

    stoops would be a great fit for the broncos with our current defensive situation and our potential on offense it would be obvious to select bob stoops look at what he has done continuously at oklahoma nothing but winning seasons. so please pat bowlen just select bob stoops it is the obvious pick!!!

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