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New Shanny Rumors Surface…

December 30, 2008

In recent speculation the Rocky Mountain News announced another reason that Mike Shanahan may have been fired. Apparently Shanahan and Bowlen disagreed on what to do with Coach Bob Slowik. 

Bowlen wanted him fired due to him surrendering 52 points in the final game against the Chargers and being a part in the worst Broncos Defensive Performance in history. Mike Shanahan did not agree. The two decided to part ways after that little argument took place. 

Honestly I have a bit of doubt. Do you really think that Mike Shanahan would stake his career on Bob Slowik of all people? Besides no more Slowik rumors have surfaced, and if that is the case he would be fired by now.

The next rumor is even more crazy, some league sources are speculating that he is positioning himself to coach the Chargers. That is about as likely as him coaching the Raiders when the Chargers actually seem very secure with Norv Turner after his late season comeback. 

I don’t see any actual merit to this rumor but it is something to keep your eyes peeled about. Either way, let’s pray this does not happen. 

As for more news on the situation Jay Cutler does not like what happened as he has grown quite close to Mike Shanahan. “I’m disappointed, I’m shocked, I’m not happy about it, I’m not pleased with it at all,” Cutler said by phone Tuesday. “We had zero inkling this was going to happen. I didn’t have a clue.”

“I think with the offensive staff we had, we were moving ahead,” Cutler said. “I had just met with Mike to go over everything, talk about the things we wanted to do, make sure we were going the right way on offense.” I think everyone can just agree that whether you like Shanny or not this is quite a loss for the organization. 

Jay Cutler and Mike Shanahan

Jay Cutler and Mike Shanahan


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