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Clady Finishes 3rd In OROY Voting

December 30, 2008

Ryan Clady Dominates Demarcus Ware

It was a landslide victory today when Matt Ryan won the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award but luckily we did get to see Ryan Clady somewhere in the voting. 

Ryan Clady finished third in the Offensive Rookie of the Year Voting with 2 votes. Now mind you, out of 50 that is not much but he still beat out players like Matt Forte, Joe Flacco and Steve Slaton. 

Above Clady, Chris Johnson received 3 out of the 50 votes and behind him Matt Forte won a single vote. Matt Ryan had 44 votes in a landslide victory.

While Clady still did not get many votes I think we should be honored that somebody finally recognized what he did this year as amazing. He has been getting very little press and with all the other great rookies this year I am happy to see him recognized. 


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