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Can Shanny Build a Defense?

December 27, 2008

Mike Shanahan to many Bronco fans (mainly ones who are sick of him) think he is a one trick pony and can not build a defense like he could an offense. But that is the question at hand, could Mike Shanahan build a defense this year as good as our offense?

Shanny with high picks has had some success with his draft picks on defense. They include D.J Williams, Ian Gold, Darrent Williams, Al Wilson, Deltha O’ Neal, Trevor Pryce, and John Mobley. They all had success for a good amount of time and were defensive center pieces but they raise two questions. 

The first is that they have been Broncos for no more than 9 years which is a good amount of time but still they have not been a centerpiece to play well forever for them. But there is also the matter that we have only high picks here. We need to be able to also get the starters from some later rounds or middle rounds.

Al Wilson

Al Wilson


Also a lot of people are asking if Mike Shanahan can get any good free agents that will actually help. I think that Boss Bailey was a good pick up despite him out for the season so far. With some actual trainers I think he could have an even bigger impact on the Broncos. Bailey is a good player who I know will be in the long run a good free agency pick up.

I think that people are just upset about the Dewayne Robertson trade, which really wasn’t that bad in what we lost and Jarvis Moss so far being a bust. Every single coach has at least one bust in their career, at least we are getting a bit of use out of Jarvis Moss. 

What Shanahan needs to do is get low injury risk, talented players mainly on the line. I am talking Albert Haynesworth. I know he has a bit of an injury concern but we need him and he could be the best possible thing we need to make our defense stout. So yes, get Albert Haynesworth for the Denver Broncos. 

When we get to the draft also we need to focus on getting a Safety in one of the first two runds whether it be William Moore, Taylor Mays, or Louis Delmas. A Safety is essential to the sake of this defense. I think that Shanny could build a defense but we all know that it might be hard to get this defense out of the hole we have built for ourself. 


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