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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: Vontae Davis

December 22, 2008

To kick off todays Draft Preparation Day we are going to have our first Exclusive Draft Profile featuring Vontae Davis a Cornerback out of Illinois. Be sure to check out our live blogging session at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm ET here. It is going to be fun. 

Vontae Davis Picks off a Pass

Vontae Davis Picks off a Pass


Name: Vontae Davis

Position: Cornerback

School: Illinois

Height & Weight: 6-0 / 204

Class: Junior

What I Think: If I had to choose one Cornerback in the draft with a more vicious playing style than anyone else it would be Vontae Davis. This man is simply a beast. No one on the entire field has a quicker tackle or a higher jump. It is scary. If you are in a 5 yard radius of Davis don’t even bother fighting for extra yards. You’re dead. I wouldn’t say he is a hard hitter or a skilled tackler, but he has the rare ability to just not let you go any further with out hitting you any harder than needed. Vontae who happens to be the brother of Vernon Davis who many of you already know runs a nice 4.40 40 yard dash. He is pretty fast but I am not too big of a fan of him playing kick returner. I just don’t think that is what he should be doing in the pros. For now I think he is perfectly fine playing just Cornerback. Davis has the instincts of a Cornerback which is good too. He has those hard to build intangibles already like automatically knowing to tear the ball out of the receivers hands while they are falling down or when to try to pick the ball of and when to just deflect the pass. He does lack some of the physical skills though that will be hard to build. He needs better hands when going to try to Intercept the ball. I don’t know how many times I have seen him not be able to hold onto an Interception. There are other physical traits lacking but he is overall solid there. Davis like I said is a tackling machine who is tied for 18th in the Big Ten in tackles per game with 6.3. He was a Preseason First-Team All-America (by The Sporting News) this year, a 2008 Bronko Nagurski Trophy Candidate, a 2008 Chuck Bednarik Award Candidate, and a 2008 Jim Thorpe Award Candidate. He was even on the 2007 First-Team All-Big Ten (by coaches). Vontae Davis would be a solid addition to any team but some physical traits he is still lacking. 

Draft Grade: B+


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