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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: Chris Wells

December 22, 2008

Right now it looks as if Chris Wells is the best Running Back in the Draft and could be a Top 5 pick at this rate. He is a fast, skilled Running Back with lots of agility and a lot of hype surrounding his name. We hope you enjoy his brand new draft profile!

Wells Jumps Over a Defender

Wells Jumps Over a Defender


Name: Chris “Beanie” Wells

Position: Running Back

School: Ohio St.

Height & Weight: 6-1 / 237

Class: Junior

What I Think: Chris Wells of all the Juniors this year is the most likely to go into the NFL Draft. First off because his stock is at a peak and second, while he is an injury risk, he has not faced that terrible of an injury that would turn off a lot of scouts and NFL Franchises. Therefore he needs to get into the NFL in case something bad should happen. One of my favorite things about him is his great center of gravity. It is near impossible to bring him down. He will spin away, jump over you, juke you out, or my personal favorite of his the stiff arm which I think he has one of the I have seen in ages. For his size he has a lot of speed and could be a top tier running back in the NFL. He has a lot of similarities to a certain Adrian Peterson. People are hoping that he will be like him not only in skill but that his injury history will not affect him in the NFL. One of the things that I don’t like about Wells is that he takes a long time to get to the line of scrimmage. His pop to the hole is pretty weak and I think he could be subject to lots of runs for losses in the NFL. It takes him a little while to get to full speed but when he reaches there he can sustain it for a long time and can break big runs because of that. Wells was voted the Buckeyes most valuable player, was on the first team all-Big Ten, and fourth among all-time OSU single season rushers and first among sophomore rushers. I do think that he needs to improve on catching out of the backfield and also needs to have great momentum to start playing well. He can’t build up off of a bad start. If he is weak at the start of the game, it will continue all day. Chris Wells is a decent player and could be a good Running Back but won’t be the next AP, LT, or LJ.  

Draft Grade: B+

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