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Tomorrow Is Draft (Preparation) Day…

December 21, 2008

Well tomorrow is an exciting day for me because all day we will be having a day dedicated to my favorite part of the Broncos season (The NFL DRAFT!) We will be having some cool material put on the site tomorrow all about the NFL Draft. This includes:

Draft Profiles will be cranking out tomorrow. We will have around 15 (more or less) and will finish all the profiles for players in our current Mock Draft. 

Then we will do a position by position Draft Review! This will dissect each position and help us decide which positions have the most need and where to draft for each one. 

A New Broncos Dream Draft we are going to give that will give a best case scenario of what would happen and represent my blatant favoritism.

Finally from 7:00 to 8:00 ET we will be having a live blogging session about the NFL Draft. Make sure you join in because it is going to be awesome. There is going to be a lot of information and discussions on the draft. You can view it here, and there will also be a new post with it in it at 4:00.

Click Here For Live Blog

So make sure that you keep it on Bronco all day tomorrow because we are going to have some great draft information. All news will be put on hold for this so for that I would suggest going to our affiliate Broncos Zone


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