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Game Review & Prognosis

December 21, 2008

I can’t believe it. I seriously can not believe it. How did Brandon Stokley not make that catch? That was an easy catch. I could have made that. Now guess what we have to do. We have to play now against the Chargers in their home turf for a spot in the playoffs and control of the AFC West. 

Today I am not going to review the game. We lost and I do not want to recall what happened. Instead I will look to the future with an extra long prognosis and tell you how we need to win against the Chargers. 

First off we need to catch and hold on to the ball. It is only (I dunno) the Wide Receivers job! I will be totally honest. We should have caught that final ball. God bless Brandon Stokley, he has made so many good contributions to our team. But that, that was just shameful and utterly embarrassing.

Jay Cutler’s problem in the past has been decision making. Now, he made some bad decisions overall in today’s game. But I will let you know that Jay Cutler’s biggest problem was over throwing the ball. He needs to be drilled all this week on being accurate on long throws. 

For the first time ever, I felt our protection was seriously lacking. While Jay was only sacked once in the entire game, that did not change how much pressure he was in. He would go for the longest receiver in the those situations and overthrow them. We need to block better and that will come with the total health of Ryan Clady and Chris Kuper.

We need to play tighter coverage. All day we were giving up huge plays because our Cornerbacks and Safeties were not playing tight enough on their receivers. If we can do this, then we should be able to limit the throws that Philip Rivers will make next week. 

Finally, play with a bit more confidence. We were not confident at all on defense or sometimes even on offense. We are as good as anyone we play and also could win against anybody if we just ignored momentum and played. On a final note, I do not think that it was a good decision after all to not let them know how the Chargers game ended. I do not think they realized how hard they needed to play. 

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