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Broncos @ Bills Preview Week 15

December 21, 2008

Tomorrow is a big game and when I mean big, I am not lying. We do not want to play for the Playoffs against the Chargers on the final game of the season. That is asking for trouble and I do not want to have to do that. So we need to win against the Bills and now you will get the full lowdown. Here is my preview for the game:


First off we have a Jay Cutler video from Training Camp with a great pass. The second is an amazing one handed catch by Lee Evans. 



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HOT: P.J Pope is sadly the hottest guy out there right now. Last week he had 51 yards rushing and 3 catches for 24 yards and a Touchdown. In my opinion he is the best Running Back we have and it would not surprise me if Selvin Young does not play if he would get the start. That probably will not happen though.

NOT: Jay Cutler after a weak performance last week is not. He had only a bit over 150 yards and 1 Touchdown not to mention another Interception. This week he really needs to have a comeback against the Bills so we can get into the Playoffs. I am nervous about this game and only Jay Cutler can take that away. 

HOT: Marshawn Lynch is on fire as he just finished his last game against the Jets with 127 rushing yards but not a Touchdown. Going up against our weak rushing defense is the perfect chance for him to break a huge game and the Broncos need to stop that. I am excited because I think this is a chance for our Linebackers to get in the swing of things against Lynch.

NOT: J.P Losman has lost the start this week after throwing 3 interceptions and is anything but hot with QB Trent Edwards Questionable with a groin injury. We know a thing or two about those type of injuries. It should be interesting to see if he gets any playing time. 


This game is as Jon pointed out yesterday a MUST WIN. While it is not our last chance to win and clinch our playoff spot I would rather play the Bills for that spot than the Chargers who honestly really scare me about this. So yes, we need to win this game terribly or else. 

It looks like while they are questionable that Chris Kuper and Ryan Clady will play in todays game. Also Champ Bailey might be back too. In that case he would start against Lee Evans but for now it looks like Josh Bell will be going head to head with Evans which is a matchup we need to win or it could jeopardize our win. 

Every single player on the Bills could easily grab an interception whether it be Terrance McGee or Leodis McKelvin. Both are ball hawks and Cutler needs to play with ball security and no taking too many risks which against the Bills are very likely to turn into serious mistakes. Brandon Marshall will be against McGee all day and needs to get a lot of distance.

Could I comment on how poorly Eddie Royal has been on punt and kick returns lately? He needs to start getting us in better field position because that is what we drafted him for. While he is also a great Wide Receiver and is going to be a star in the NFL for years to come, he needs to do more as a Kick Returner because that is what he is here for. 

There isn’t much more I can say but we need to win this. It is necessary for the sake of our season that we need to win this game so we can get into the Playoffs and just take the day off against the Chargers. I feel good about today and I know we can win this but it will not be easy. The Bills are actually a decent football team and we need to show that we are better.


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