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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

December 13, 2008

NFL Week 15, December 14th, 2008, Sunday 4:15 pm. Broncos @ Panthers

Okay, the Panthers are 7-0 at home, but so were the Falcons. It’ll be a hard road game. We will face a very VERY good ground attack, BUT, Ronnie Brown, Jamal Lewis, Michael Turner and Larry Johnson we have ALL held for less than 100 rush yards when we played them the past 6 games. I do not know what to expect from our ‘Run D’ or our ‘Pass D’ for that matter.

Every Bronco fan knows that we can clinch the AFC West this week with a win, or a Chargers loss. And my brother will be at the game this week [for his birthday] and neither he or I have gone to a Broncos game when the Broncos lost. Like I was saying, I don’t know how our ‘D’ will play ’cause we’ve been up and down all year. But the return of Champ Bailey will help, especially because we’ll have to cover Steve Smith, one of if not [in my opinion] the Best WR in the NFL today. 

In the Monday Night game against the Pats, it was close at first, and Champ nearly had like 3 INT’s and we really had shut down Randy Moss, but then Champ went down (and has been hurt since) and our ‘D’ let Randy Moss get like 3 touchdowns? I think it was, maybe 2. I do think our ‘O’ will be alright.


Tatum Bell Charges Forward

Tatum Bell Charges Forward


Jay has been hot, and I think even though Peyton Hillis is out, our ‘Run O’ will also do pretty good as well. I really do have confidence in Tatum Bell, and  I think Cory Boyde will also be okay. On another random note, we are 3-0 vs. the NFC South while the rest of the AFC is 0-10 against them.

“It feels like when we were going to play the Jets, That kind of a team that is high rising, we are going in their backyard. This team has a great defense, they can run the ball, they have receivers, they have explosive guys on special teams and they haven’t lost at home yet. It is going to be a great challenge for us.” -Elvis Dumervil

“They’re a very good, talented team, and we have our work cut out for us, But that’s the same thing people were saying against the Jets and the Falcons, that we didn’t have a chance. We don’t care what the critics say — we’re going to keep believing and keep playing and hopefully good things happen for us.” -Dre’ Bly

I don’t know, it will be a very good game. No predictions, EXCEPT, I think (if he plays) Champ will have a pick and Tatum Bell will not disappoint. Here are the Passing, Rushing, and ‘D’ cases:

Passing Case: The Panthers Jake Delhomme is ~ well to say the least inconsistent. He has 13 TD’s vs. 11 INT’s, and he has 2,600 yards with 204 completions. His  target is Steve Smith who has 61 catches, 1075 yards, and 5 TD’s to go with it. Though the stats do not exactly say it (in fact they make you think the opposite) the Panthers passing game can be very good. Dangerous is a word you could use, Steve Smith I can’t say enough about.

Now the Broncos’ Jay Cutler (who is by-the-way Air Player Of The Week) is a bit different from Jake. His stats say it all, with 23 TD’s against 14 INT’s, and 3,679 yards, and 305 completions, he has certainly out-played Delhomme. Jay’s fav target may be Tony Scheffler, but we’ll say it’s Brandon Marshall, who has 83 catches, 1033 yards, and 6 touchdowns. Winner: On paper the Broncos kill the Panthers though the air.

Rushing Case: With the Broncos who knows? Down to like our 7thback, I expect to see a decent little one-two punch with Tatum Bell, and Boyde. Bell has 24 carries, 100 yards (4.2 per rush) and a long of 28 yards. His lead blocker: Who Knows? Spencher Larsen maybe? I think if we used a FB it would be Andrew Pinnock, unless we are in goal line then we use rookie center Kory Lichtensteiger. ( I know using a center has a FB! haha so Shanny right)

Panthers ground game is another story, they EXPLODE on the ground, with Deangelo Williams, along with Jonathan Stewart (whom I am kinda ashamed to say I was mad when the Broncos passed up in the draft to take Ryan Clady, I feel like an idiot, but Stewart is really good). Williams has 212 carries, and 1141 rush yards, and 13 TD’s. Haha, he’s got as many as Jake. He’s (their) lead blocker is Brad Hoover, who’s a big guy that can smash some ‘D’ players around. Winner: Only because we are not healthy, the Panthers.

‘D’ Case: The Panthers are ranked 18th against the run, while they have 29 sacks, and 10 INT’s, Jon Beason  leads the team with 112 tackles. I don’t know much about the Panthers defense, but it’s stats are Nice. Broncos are ranked 28th in points, and 23 sacks, and 5 INT’s and Jamie Winborn  just passed DJ for most tackles this year last week, he has 80. Our ‘D’could use some SERIOUS leadership from somebody like Al Wilson or John Lynch, Champ could be the guy, but he’s not even on the field, with Nate Webster back we are getting better. Elvis Dumervil alsohas stepped up, he’s my favorite current Bronco, and with 5 sacks, he sure is a force on the ‘D’ line. Winner: I gotta pick the Panthers on this one.

Special Case today, the Trench Case: The Broncos have only let up 8 sacks this year (and only 7 on Jay) and we lead the NFL with that case, and all the while we still have a (in recent weeks) great ground attack. The O-line is said to be “over-looked” in football, but with the Broncos he sure is not. We love all our guys, especially that rookie, (who by the way is the Rookie Of The Week). With a line like that a team could go far into the playoffs, our O-line makes me think of the Colts Super-Season line, and our 97-98 line, and others like that. They are just awesome. On the other hand – the Panthers Jake has been sacked 19 times. But they can sure run block with 1898 total rushing yards by the Panthers it’s ‘run game is to be reckoned with’. Winner: I’d take the Broncos line any day of the week!

Overall I am really looking forward to this game – so much so that writing about it made my heart beat louder, haha for real. It’s hard to not get excited about the Broncos. 🙂

It should be a good game going down to the end. Till next week, Go Broncos!!

As always, here is a video game preview: Broncos vs. Panthers Preview

UPDATE: I just got the Injury report here, and Champ is listed as Questionable, and D.J. Williams and SelvinYoung are both listed as Probable. So that is good news, it could be the first time we’ve seen those three in quite some time.

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness staff. You can find his own blog at Broncos Zone.


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