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More Awards Coming Our Way?

December 9, 2008
Jay Cutler Drops Back For A Pass -

After we cleaned up last week by winning 3 different awards for Best Air Player, Best Ground Player, and Rookie of the Week we may be having 2 of those again. Broncos players have been put up for Best Air Player of the Week and Rookie of the Week.

They are QB Jay Cutler and finally (and when I mean finally I mean “It took you this long to nominate him?!!!!!”) OT Ryan Clady.

Both are the most deserving of the nominees but Ryan Clady will have a tough time winning. He is going up with the likes of Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson, Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, and my personal favorite, (besides Clady) Jonathan Stewart.

So if you haven’t got my hint, Vote for Ryan Clady. I know that Pro Bowl voting is over but that is no reason to not get your fingers warmed up again. Let’s show that we are just as good as anyone else and get some more accolades for our players! They deserve them.


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