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About Those 7 Running Backs…

December 8, 2008

Yes, that’s right. When all of our players are taken off of the Injury Reserve we will have a grand total of 9 Running Backs. We only want about 4 on the active roster. So who stays? Who goes? What is the order on the depth chart? Here is the situation as it stands.

Selvin Young I hate to say it, but he was the most healthy Running Back this year. That is really saying something. He was also the starter going into the season. That means that he will definitely end up with a spot on the roster.

Following him was Andre Hall. Andre as to my opinion we won’t be seeing next year. He not only got seriously injured but before leaving for the year he played terribly and was very disappointing. If he stays he will most likely never play. I see him being cut quickly and painlessly.

Michael Pittman was next on the roster. He was a very good back when needed but also is at an age where it might make him look more likely to be dropped. But I think that he could be used in goal line situations like he was originally. He could even vie to start. He will stay unless his age gets in the way.

P.J Pope is next. There is not much we can say about him. I am not sure if we could bring him down to the Practice Squad which might be a good idea but he will not get a roster spot unless he blows us all away in these next few games.

Ryan Torain Jumps Over A Pile -

Ryan Torain Jumps Over A Pile -

Corry Boyd will be cut. There is no way around it and I always hate to cut a player we just grabbed off of waivers. There is not any way around it though. 

This is where it gets really tricky. What about Ryan Torain? Mike Shanahan still likes him but it would be hard for him to get much playing time with the conditions surrounding him. He is injury prone and that will hurt him in our eyes. Torain though will get a roster spot if not for anything but being a draft pick.

As for Peyton Hillis what I see is him being listed as a Fullback but having a place on the Halfback Depth Chart maybe higher than some actual Running Backs. Also when he does play Fullback he will get more carries than most do. 

Did anybody forget about Anthony Aldridge? I think most of us did remember the small Brian Westbrook style Running Back who we liked in Training Camp but could not see ever being much more than a 3rd stringer. He got injured and we haven’t heard much from him since. I am guessing he will be cut even though fans do like him.

Tatum Bell is the final player I will mention. I think that Tatum has done enough and will do enough to justify giving him a roster spot last year. Bell is a good player who has had a rough patch with the Lions and selling cell phones at the Aurora Mall. Bell will get a spot though but he will have to fight for it more than anyone else.

So how would the Depth Chart look? This is what I see:

1. Michael Pittman: He showed me more talent than anyone else. He did a great job but this position atop the Depth Chart will be more than easily lost. 

2. Selvin Young: The starter coming into this season will drop to number two do to injuries and not living up to expectations. 

3. Tatum Bell: Bell was a pickup half way through the season but could still earn this high of a roster spot. If he stays healthy the rest of the season, no one deserves one more.

4. Ryan Torain: Injuries will hamper his spot on the Depth Chart but I think Mike Shanahan wants him to win the starting position. 

5. Peyton Hillis: Just because he is a Fullback. Just because he is a Fullback. 

  1. December 8, 2008 7:07 PM

    I think Selvin’s gone, Michael I wanna keep and I really REALLY hope Peyton will stay our starting tailback, and we keep Ryan, and Tatum may be alright as well…

  2. December 9, 2008 3:42 PM

    I don’t see us getting rid of Selvin just yet. Peyton could start but he is at heart a Fullback and also him getting injured seriously hurt his chances of doing so.

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