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Game Review & Prognosis

December 7, 2008

The Broncos have won and seem to be on top of the world as we have yet another win against the Kansas City Chiefs. The final score was 24 to 17 after we had 2 Touchdown passes by Jay Cutler. It was a great game and we will have our game review and of course a prognosis to sum it up. 

Jay Cutler had did a great job of coming back from a slow start to end up with a win. He had 2 Touchdowns, 1 Interception and 286 yards passing. Cutler also ran the ball a few times too. He had 8 attempts for 16 yards as he did just about everything possible to try to move the chains and bring a win. 

When it came to running the ball we hit a few bumps on the road. The most important one would be Peyton Hillis leaving the game with a hamstring injury on a great catch out of the backfield. There is no real update except for what he said about it after the game: “I’ve never had any hamstring injuries before,” Hillis said. “I’ve had tweaks and little things every now and then, but never serious. I really don’t know what’s going on.” It should be interesting to see how this one plays out. He left the game after having 58 yards and a Touchdown. Tatum Bell came in to relieve him and he finished the game with 52 yards off of 11 carries. 


Peyton Hillis Gives The Mile High Salute After a TD -

Our Wide Receivers were very productive especially Brandon Marshall who gave us a stellar performance of 91 yards and 2 Touchdowns to put him over the 1,000 yard mark for the season. Eddie Royal also had a decent game with 48 yards and ran the ball 3 times for 13 yards. It is only a matter of time before he breaks one big. Brandon Stokley was solid with 18 yards but did leave the game in the 4th quarter with an ankle injury and is expecting X-Rays. 

As for our Tight Ends, Daniel Graham was doomed to drop at least one pass which of course he did but still has proved himself as a threat after the catch and an okay blocker. He just needs to catch the ball. His final stats were 32 yards on 3 catches. Tony Scheffler who was on my fantasy football team this week looked good for 61 yards. 

Our offensive line created huge holes all day, all over the field. They were at there best and did not let up a single sack for the 3rd straight game. That is the first time that our Offensive Line has accomplished that feet since 1995. 

I haven’t seen our Special Teams play this poor for a little while. We couldn’t set up blocks for Royal and were letting the Chiefs get in good field position on every single drive. Matt Prater missed another Field Goal and continues quite a big slump for him after starting off the season with a bang living up to Jason Elam. 

Our Defensive Line did not look bad today at all. But we still did not pressure Tyler Thigpen the way I would have liked to. Oh and by the way, did you feel some DOOM?!!!!!!!! Elvis Dumervil had a huge sack that gave us some great momentum on the line. It was the only sack of the day and his 5th this season. He should have more but that thumb sure hurt him in the early half of the season. All I expect now is for him to have 2 more sacks by the end of the season. Then and only then will I be totally content. 

As for Linebackers we were awesome, but I still was missing Nate Webster. He was obviously hampered a bit by the injury still but I’m sure will be much better by next week. Wesley Woodyard was great with 7 tackles and an Interception. Oh wait, that wasn’t an Interception after all? Stupid refs. I have never seen such a terrible call in my life. At that point the game was not between the Chiefs and the Broncos but the refs and them. It was crazy. Wesley Woodyard had that Interception. Don’t get me wrong, we have had a bit of what goes around comes around after the Chargers game, but after the Jaguars and the Dolphins game those refs need to get over that call and make better ones not to try to stop us. 

Dre’ Bly was very good on coverage and limited the passing game very well. Josh Bell stepped up and was able to cover well also. All of the Cornerbacks were good actually. But the guy I was most impressed with was Josh Barrett who took on Tony Gonzalez a future Hall of Fame Tight End and was able to really control him and stop a lot of the big plays that Thigpen tried to use him on. I think we should all recognize him for the great effort and better performance he put into this game. 


Jay Cutler needs to learn the difference between trusting his arm and making stupid throws. You are not Superman Cutler. Just play conservatively because while this risk/reward thing can help us it is just as likely to hurt us.

Improve our Special Teams blocking and tackling. We let up some big ST plays that we usually never do. Maybe a day of focusing on this in practice would be good.

Put more pressure on the QB. I like it if you are able to sack him but you at least need to make him feel uncomfortable. Sacks are not necessary if you can at least force his throws to be quick and poor. That is all we need. 


O: Brandon Marshall (Great overall performance. Our soul reason we won.)

D: Wesley Woodyard (All over the field. All day.)

ST: Brett Kern (Some big punts. The good returns made up for those though.)

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