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Just Some Thoughts…

December 6, 2008

It’s time to get back into the swing of things now that my little hiatus is over. To do so I am going to tell you some unexpressed thoughts I had about previous games, roster moves, players, coaches and more. There will be a lot of stuff and your head may hurt by the end of this. 


The one thing that I wanted to share with you most is what I think of Peyton Hillis. We have not had an “impact” Running Back in years. I supported the thought of drafting one in the second round this year  but instead Peyton Hillis may be slowly changing my mind. Hillis is a power back. It’s plain and simple. He doesn’t find holes, he makes them! His center of gravity is good and he has a good burst in the open field for a former Fullback. 

What he needs to do now is show Mike Shanahan that he is not a flash in the pan and can be a permanent Running Back. That is hard to prove to Shanahan because on some days it seems like he does not know the definition of one. We haven’t had a permanent Running Back since Terrell Davis. But Hillis has the Mile High Salute too so maybe it is a sign…


First off, that was not good for Mike Shanahan’s job security. He is not on the hot seat at all but no longer can we say there is no one who wants him gone. I still support him completely but some Broncos fans want a change. All you can really take away from this game is that when Jay Cutler goes, the Broncos go. 

Also, before you Raiders fans start shooting your mouth on how much better of a team you are I would like to remind you that this was basically our 3rd team Defense. That is not an exaggeration at all people. It really is our third team defense. Go look at our Training Camp notes. I dare you Raiders fans.


I was surprised that no one made a bigger deal of this. Basically, the Jets team is accusing us of faking that string of injuries to throw off Brett Favre. That is a load of crap. Are you really serious? Because while it is true Favre likes a hurry up offense, the last thing we need is our weakest of defenders going up against one of the greatest QB’s ever. 

By the way, booing us during injuries?! I can’t believe that they would stoop that low. I know for a fact that us Broncos fans would not boo even if we thought it was some sort of conspiracy. If you would, don’t. We do not want to have our fans stoop to their kind of level.


Tatum Bell


We haven’t used him as much as people might have thought we would have because of the success of Peyton Hillis. Desperate times call for desperate measures though and this fits the situation. I do think though that we as Broncos fans were being a bit stubborn about this. He never did anything to us like he did to Detroit. 


The Broncos cleaned up this week with their awards! Check this out: Jay Cutler was the Air Player of the Week, Peyton Hillis was the Ground Player of the Week, Peyton Hillis was Rookie of the Week and Mike Shanahan was nominated for Coach of the Week. That is very impressive.

Also Broncos players have won Rookie of the Week awards 4 times already this year! That leads all other teams with the Cowboys and Titans behind with 3 and 2. The most interesting part of that is how the Broncos have had 3 separate players win those awards when they have both had one player win it multiple times. Our winners have been Eddie Royal, Spencer Larsen, and Peyton Hillis. 


Mike Shanahan said he wanted somebody to step up at the position of Safety. Vernon Fox while it may not be well known in my book has. He not only had a big play against the Jets when he returned a fumble for a Touchdown but when he was on the field his coverage looked very, very good. I think that we will see more of him.

He is the 5th player to start at Safety this year in either the Pre-Season or the Regular Season. Among them are Marlon McCree, Marquand Manuel, Calvin Lowry, himself, and Hamza Abdullah. 


No one has really pointed this out but am I the only one who sees these two teams and how similar they seem? The Giants last year were coming into the season as an underrated, looked over team who people only saw getting worse. They then shocked everyone with strong entrances into the 2008 season. Both of our hypes died off a bit. 

We both had fantastic drafts that turned around the team. They came in as low seeds in the playoffs and we are likely to do the same. Our Quarterbacks we were finally hoping would have break out seasons and both did. As you can see, there are some striking similarities between these two teams. It should be interesting if we follow their tracks…


There are so many things that I could talk about but these sum up my biggest thoughts overall. I’m glad to be back on the web and you can be expecting great things to come. We will give a wrap up of the Broncos/Chiefs game tomorrow. Until then I am sure that I will see you all soon!

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  1. December 6, 2008 9:50 PM

    Hey guy only different the giant have has crazy pass rusht guy. We not has this. It ackilly heel of the bronco especial in play off time. We needs the custper to roll on offence guy. put up all kind of crazy ponts.

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