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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: B.J Raji

November 27, 2008

B.J Raji is an interesting prospect out of Boston College who might be a good staple on any teams Defensive Line. I have created him an exclusive draft profile that I think you will all enjoy. 

B.J Raji Pursues His QB

B.J Raji Pursues His QB


Name: B.J Raji

Position: Defensive Tackle

School: Boston College

Height & Weight: 6-1 / 323

Class: Senior

What I Think: B.J Raji is maybe the top Defensive Tackle prospect in the NFL Draft. He has outstanding size and bulk but still is a bit shorter than I might prefer. He is strong and compliments that well with great hand usage. While when breaking blocks and penetrating an Offensive Line his hands are very important to his success it does also serve as a liability when he is tackling. He does not realize how strong he is when he hits a person and instead uses his hands to take them down which can hurt him when he goes up against Running Backs. That said he is a beast against the run. While he is not actually fast he seems very quick on the field. Raji is known for being able to collapse the pocket and wreak havoc on QB’s. While he does not always sack the QB he hurries the QB when he passes. He does close well on Running Backs and QB’s. Just a note, he missed spring ball in 2008 due to academic problems and therefore was redshirted. That causes people to question his dedication, studies, and intelligence. His conditioning is weak and his stamina is very low. He also does not pass the rush with proper leverage and is very inconsistent. Raji had an amazing senior season and showed what  a truly  dominant force he can  be when in  shape and  motivated. UPDATE: After a great Senior Bowl and combine B.J Raji showed just what he could do. He is now rated as a A. 

Draft Grade: A

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