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Exclusive Draft Profile: Troy Kropog

November 26, 2008

I apologize about this draft profile because I couldn’t find a good photo of Kropog anywhere! So I had to get a really lame picture of him to add to our draft profile. Sorry about that. That said, today’s will be on Troy Kropog an Offensive Tackle from Tulane who is raising some eyebrows.

Troy Kropog In The Back. Worst. Photo. Ever.

Troy Kropog In The Back. Worst. Photo. Ever.


Name: Troy Kropog

Position: Offensive Tackle

School: Tulane

Height & Weight: 6-6 / 315

Class: Senior

What I Think: Troy Kropog is one of the more interesting prospects in this years Offensive Line class. Kropog is probably the most athletic of his group. He is quick and agile, with great mobility, and he is very light on his feet. Pre-combine, he is the only person in the class of Offensive Tackles to run under a 5.00. He is fantastic! He is technically sound, and has great awareness. Kropog is a student of the game and a natural team leader. He bends his knees very well in blocking and moves well laterally. He has lots of experience and loves to win and will do just about anything on the field to do so. Kropog has a great upside. But as always there is bad news too. While he has done a great job of bulking up he could stand to add a bit more weight. He needs to strengthen both his upper and lower body too. He is not very powerful and does not bring the push in a run game that is needed. For most teams you can bet that he will not be the perfect fit. Also Kropog brings some slight durability issues. Troy Kropog will at best be a second rounder because he is just not your normal type of player. I think that he will really intrigue teams that like fast Offensive Linemen such as the Raiders, our own Broncos, and any other team that employs a zone blocking scheme. 

Draft Grade: B-


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