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Exclusive Draft Profile: Stephen McGee

November 26, 2008



Name: Stephen McGee

Position: Quarterback

School: Texas A&M

Height & Weight: 6-2 / 225

Class: Senior

What I Think: Stephen McGee seems to be one of Josh McDaniels favorite QB prospects right now. After he took over the starting job in 2006 and led the nation in interception percentage (2 in 313 attempts) he has become a mid-round prospect in the NFL Draft. McGee has good size and bulk with perfect weight. He seems to be the perfect size for the position of QB. McGee is definitely an athletic Quarterback with adequate arm strength and good accuracy. One of the great things about having McGee in the pocket is that he can buy time there and is very mobile. While he is a pocket Quarterback he definitely has the ability to be a threat on his feet and make plays that way. McGee uses his ability to run well and can throw well while doing it. He comes across to me as a first rate competitor and anybody who has played him refers to him as a fierce competitor. He understands the pressures and defensive schemes and shows a great knowledge of football. I think that some of the basis for his pro potential is that he is a great post season player and is great under the pressure of the game. But there is a lot of reason to fear drafting him early. He has very raw footwork that needs to be improved over time and he needs to wait to start solely because of this. Besides that, McGee has poor mechanics and technique. While I think that he is mainly a pocket Quarterback, sometimes he seems a bit afraid of the pocket but that could be credited with a weak Offensive Line at Texas A&M. He also is very impatient and will try to fit throws in that he can’t really make but that can be taught. I also question his health and durability as well. Finally, Texas A&M is a non-pro style offense and he will make a major adjustment. A team leader, it should be interesting to see when Steven McGee goes. 

Draft Central: C


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