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Scouting Report: Russell Okung

November 24, 2008

Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St.

Strengths: Very good height with long arms … Elite athleticism for an Offensive Tackle … Great lateral agility … Patient when protecting the pass … Decent leverage … A very deceptive run blocker … He is very durable and managed to string together 34 straight starts … Understands angles … A leader … Best upside of any Offensive Tackle in the class … Safe pick.


Weaknesses: Okung needs to get a lot more upper body strength to compete in the NFL … Occasionally he will get to tall in his stance … Loses focus … Sometimes has inconsistent leverage. 


Overall: Russell Okung is an excellent Offensive Tackle in the frame of Joe Thomas who could potentially be the number 1 overall pick. He has the chance to be a perennial Pro Bowler. You can’t get a full package like him. He has great athleticism as well as very good strength for a Left Tackle. He could be the cornerstone of any team and is almost a guarantee 1st round pick. 

starsElite Prospect

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