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Exclusive Draft Profile: Kenny Britt

November 24, 2008
Kenny Britt Fights For The Ball

Kenny Britt Fights For The Ball


Name: Kenny Britt

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Rutgers 

Height & Weight: 6-4 / 215

Class: Junior

What I Think: Kenny Britt is a classic Wide Receiver. He is not like all the new Wide Receivers who base their skills totally on speed, agility and being able to break tackles. He takes it all the way back to the invention of the position by using his hands and being able to run routes. Britt by far has the best hands of anybody in this years class by my opinion and amazes me on every single play. He also plays physically and while is still an old style Wide Receiver he can break tackles very well and never goes down after first contact. He reminds me a bit of Brandon Marshall and Dewayne Bowe in that respect. You always have to put two men on him because it takes two to tackle them and he can really mess up some teams. His size will impress any NFL scout and his production during his junior campaign was quite impressive as well. On a team that had an inconsistent offense, Britt still managed to make 87 catches for 1,371 yards and seven touchdowns. Britt is not exactly a deep threat and only makes big plays with his feet. Also his deep routes do need some work but that is his only weakness in route running. People will put his timed speed under the microscope so he needs a good combine if he wants to keep his second round status. Also there are still questions about his effort and his leadership. Britt is an underrated player who with the lack of media attention towards Rutgers has a lot of people forgetting about him. But in the NFL I can about guarantee you that won’t happen anymore.

Draft Grade: B


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