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Exclusive Draft Profile: Jason Phillips

November 24, 2008
Jason Phillips is Upset

Jason Phillips is Upset


Name: Jason Phillips

Position: Middle Linebacker

School: TCU

Height & Weight: 6-1 / 239

Class: Senior

What I Think: Jason Phillips is one of the more underrated Linebackers in this years draft class and it looks as if he will land at this point in the third round. He has great football I.Q as he has played both Quarterback and Fullback in his football career. Then in college he moved to the “Quarterback of the Defense” Middle Linebacker. His bulk is only average and he needs to gain some weight if he wants to be a really hard hitting Linebacker. He also is about an inch shorter than I would personally like to see. Phillips has the ability to blitz through the middle and seems made to do so in a 3-4. He is one of those players who you can build entire plays around and he can turn them into game changing ones. Phillips uses outstanding technique when tackling and knows how to hit through the ball carrier. He has short arms and doesn’t wrap up well enough when he has to move laterally at the last second. Phillips can be used in space as a zone defender, but is at his best in the middle. He flows towards the action and can see the intended target before the ball is thrown. He does struggle to minimize separation in man coverage as his steps are too short and choppy, he also seems to anticipate breaks in routes too often and won’t move as fast as he is capable of. Phillips needs to take the proper angles laterally or else he does not have the speed to chase down a back. He has the speed to stay with most tight ends downfield, but his athleticism is limited. He has a few minor injury concerns too but nothing that should keep a team from drafting him. He lost a lot of building hype when he missed his pro day due to a hamstring injury and was on crutches. Phillips could be a special player in the future but is a bit raw and will need to change some things if he wants to be one of the best when he enters the NFL.

Draft Grade: B-


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