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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: Michael Oher

November 24, 2008

As we continue our special Thanksgiving Week Draft Profiles I would like to announce that I have created a Big Board with rankings of all the players in the draft. It is under draft central. We only have about 20 now but next week will keep adding another 20 until we have every major player on the board. Here is our Michael Oher draft profile:

Oher Lead Blocks.

Oher Lead Blocks.


Name: Michael Oher

Position: Offensive Tackle

School: Ole Miss

Height & Weight: 6-6 / 332

Class: Senior

What I Think: Oher in my opinion is the best Offensive Tackle in this years class and he has some good competition with the likes of Eugene Monroe and Andre Smith. Oher in my opinion is the prototype NFL Left Tackle and I see shades of Ryan Clady in the way he plays. One of my favorite things about him is how he is not afraid to get down and dirty just to make a play. Oher will do anything on the field to contribute whether it is staying and defending the QB or lead blocking down the field. I love his open mindedness on just being able to make an impact. There are so many uses for him in the NFL I can not even imagine how a team might use him if they did not want him to start his first year. Oher has the perfect size and strength to be playing at the pro level. He is smart in his blocking and has great footwork. That is what sets him apart though from all the other great Offensive Tackles in this years draft. Oher has the optimum speed and quick usage of his feet in blocking. It can beat even the shiftiest of Pass Rushers. Whether it be an Elvis Dumervil type player or a Dewayne Robertson style player, Oher can block them all and with great poise. Oher should work a bit on his lead blocking for those are the few times when I will see him give up a block but he still has the ability to become good at it. As a blocker, he helped running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis top the 1,000-yard rushing mark in consecutive seasons. He was a Consensus First Team All-SEC selection and was named Fourth Team All-America by Phil Steele. Oher is my favorite blocker in the entire class but may not be to scouts who prefer Eugene Monroe in some cases.

Draft Grade: A


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