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Scouting Report: Terrence Cody

November 23, 2008

Terrance Cody, NT, Alabama

Strengths: Big, big, big guy … A big space eater … Has thick, strong legs … Great lateral movement for a guy his size … Also good agility … Strong hands … Will destroy any run game … Strong … Disrupts the pocket well … Shows great awareness … Actually gets of the snap very well … Can fight off double triple teams … Did I say big?


Weaknesses: So slow, it kind of is sad. At last count he ran a 5.5 40 yard dash, which is almost laughable … Not versatile at all … Needs to work on his leverage in the run game … He might want to lose some weight … Won’t rush the pass well … Motor runs hot and cold.


Overall: There is a reason that Alabama fans have named him Mount Cody. This guy is freaking huge! I have never seen anyone this good at stopping the run. He will only fit into a 3-4 which cuts down possible teams by more than half. If he loses 60 pounds he might squeeze into a 4-3. But let’s face it, that won’t happen. He will only be a two down player and could drop like Rey Maulauga but if you are looking for a big Nose Tackle, you won’t find anyone this good.

2nd rounder

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