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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: George Selvie

November 23, 2008

George Selvie is an overrated player who I have much higher in our Mock Draft than he should go. Currently I have Selvie as the 4th pick in the draft by the Raiders. To explain, the Raiders are desperate and need a DE more than any other team. Also I do not think that they make good decisions. Either way, here his his draft profile:

Selvie Celebrates After A Sack.

Selvie Celebrates After A Sack.


Name: George Selvie

Position: DE / ILB

School: USF

Height & Weight: 6-4 / 248

Class: Junior

What I Think: George Selvie is the most versatile defensive player in the entire 2009 NFL Draft and I love it! It could make him a top 10 pick if he performs well in the combine. But I think that there are some problems with him after watching lots of film of him play. The man is great at getting behind the line but has problems making tackles once the runner or QB gets past the line of scrimmage. An interesting stat that proves this is that of the 59 tackles he had in 2007 over 50% of them were behind the line of scrimmage. While that sounds great and it can be, it shows that he has trouble making tackles once they pass the line. That bothers me because it will make him vulnerable in the NFL to a Running Back who is great at finding small holes. A great feature about him is that he is reminiscent of a snake. Weird analogy, huh? Not really. If you have ever seen a snake they are not the fastest or the most powerful when they are moving but they strike quickly. You will see Selvie locked up in a tough block and then the next thing you see is him lying on the runner. He quickly is able to release from blocks and has a strong pounce when he tackles. Also while he may take a long time to get to the ball carrier, the strength and quickness of the tackle completely makes up for that. Selvie also comes off to me as the kind of player who will be best at situational plays in the NFL. Fresh legs and passing 3rd downs are his specialty. I don’t think he has the total skill set to play an entire game. The good thing is that he has the size where you could teach him to become better against the run. Last year Selvie was Consensus First Team All-American (AFCA, AP,, FWAA, Walter Camp, Rivals, and the 2007 BIG EAST Defensive Player of the Year. Overall I like Selvie but question the use of him in the NFL. 

Draft Grade: B


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