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Exclusive Draft Profile: Patrick Chung

November 22, 2008
Patrick Chung Celebrates With Teammates

Patrick Chung Celebrates With Teammates


Name: Patrick Chung

Position: Strong Safety

School: Oregon

Height & Weight: 5-11 / 205

Class: Senior

What I Think: Patrick Chung originally declared himself eligible for the 2008 NFL draft and then withdrew his name when he realized he would not be a first round draft pick. Well, it didn’t help much because he probably won’t be this year either. Chung in my opinion is an athlete first but some scouts don’t see him as such because of his small size. That said, it seems like he’s always around the ball, especially against the run. Chung does a great job breaking down and tackling in space. He can be an intimidating hitter over the middle in pass coverage and there have been multiple times where the Wide Receiver will about catch the ball but Chung will hit him so hard they drop it immediately. He has good speed and reportedly runs a sub- 4.6 forty yard dash but we will see about that on Tuesday when he runs in the combine. Chung is very strong for his size and will be a workout warrior at this year’s combine. Chung was a second team Associated Press All-American in 2007. He does well in coverage and does an excellent job of supporting the run and plays near the line in Oregon’s defensive scheme. He moves well laterally, especially near the line of scrimmage against the run. He loves to play near the line to stop it. He does an excellent job of reading quarterbacks and plays, and does a good job of reacting once the ball is in the air. He will have a tough time in coverage against taller receivers in the NFL. One of the reasons that the Broncos should hesitate on drafting him is that he will take a few years to develop. We need help now. Chung is a little stiff in the hips when he has to turn and run. Also he doesn’t have great deep or recovery speed when he gets beat. He has also been known for dropping interceptions. 

Draft Grade: B-


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