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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: Michael Johnson

November 22, 2008

Even though Bronco Madness is in the midst of a hiatus, for Thanksgiving Week we will have draft profiles to get us up to date on our Draft Central page. This week we will do one a day and they will all be potential first round picks. Today’s is Michael Johnson:


Michael Johnson Blocks A Pass.



Name: Michael Johnson

Position: Defensive End

School: Georgia Tech

Height & Weight: 6-7 / 260

Class: Senior

What I Think: Michael Johnson I have pegged for some time as the number one pick in the 2009 Draft. But do you want to know the sad thing about me having him there? I think that he is a very big project. Also I think he deserves to be a middle first rounder even though it is likely in my opinion he will go first or at least in the top 5. After watching film of him I see what scouts like in him. He has great break block ability and also has perfect physical traits not to mention a great burst of the line. My problem with him is completely instinctive. While physical traits, break block abilities and great bursts are things that are really hard or impossible to train in the NFL when instincts can be taught easier. That is why he would be drafted so early. He doesn’t know when to hurl his body at the QB and when to just carry them down. He also has bad or at least average footing. He did not start during the regular season as a junior but entered the game in all passing situations. That is why he originally became known as one of the leagues premiers pass rushers. Johnson also is one of the most impactful special teams players in the ACC making him a double threat. I would be beware if I was a potential drafter because he has had to overcome numerous injuries over his short career. That might only get worse in the NFL. 

Draft Grade: A-

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