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BM Exclusive Draft Profile: Malcolm Jenkins

November 18, 2008

Malcolm Jenkins in my opinion is the best Cornerback in the Draft this year and also I think is the second best Senior in the entire draft. Jenkins is a talent and could be one of the best Cornerbacks in the NFL. He is a shutdown Corner like Champ Bailey or Asante Samuel and here is his draft profile:


Malcom Jenkins Steals Away a TD For an INT


Name: Malcolm Jenkins

Position: Cornerback

School: Ohio St.

Height & Weight: 6-1 / 208

Class: Senior

What I Think: Malcolm Jenkins last year decided surprisingly to skip the 2008 NFL Draft and come back for his Senior Season. All I have to say is that it was a great decision by him. It allowed him to become the best Cornerback in the draft and while it didn’t change where he probably will be drafted, he looked a lot better than he did the year before. When it comes to skills, Malcolm Jenkins is the kind of player who plays tight on anyone and does it well. It is very hard to try to shake him off of you. He is also a good tackler. I would not say that he is especially a hard hitter but he tackles very well and that is important. It is hard to get past him because he can tackle any part of your body. I’m not kidding. He will grab heads, legs, arms, feet, and chests and never ever fail. Even the most elusive of players have trouble getting past him. I do wish though that Malcolm would hit a bit harder because he will sometimes let the runner get more yards than he should because he doesn’t shut them down right on contact. He has to drag them down. Jenkins is also a huge ball hawk and really tries hard to get the pick instead of just letting it end as an incomplete pass. There will be times that there is no way that the Receiver can catch it but Jenkins still tries to get the Interception. As a Junior he was First Team All-America (Pro Football Weekly) and a Second team All-America (Walter Camp, AP, Rivals). What is also having scouts salivating over Jenkins is his experience. He has been a starter for all 4 years of his college career. I find Jenkins one of the best Cornerbacks in recent memory and could really become one of the NFL’s best Corners. He could range from a Top 10 to Top 20 pick. 

Draft Grade: A+

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