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Saturday’s Horsing Around With Jon Krause

November 8, 2008

With a lot of talk about the 2009 NFL HOF inductees going around, I decided to make my very own Denver Broncos Hall Of Fame. So tell me what you think, and tell me if I missed anybody that you think should be in it. Anyway here we go! (Note, this is just players…)

Denver Broncos HOF RB: Floyd Little, the first Bronco great Denver Bronco! He was with the Broncos 1967-1975. In those years he complied 6,323 yards, 43 TD’s and added 9 TD catches. He was our first great, and also belongs in the NFL HOF. No other Bronco will were his #44 jersey, it was the first to be retired.

Denver Broncos HOF QB: Craig Morton, was the Broncos first big quarterback, and ironically he wore #7, he was not the good ‘Ol #7. But he’s very far from it. But he was a great QB, he played for 19 years! In 1981 he had 21 TD’s and 3195 yards. He never had the best numbers, and no doubt does not deserve in the NFL HOF. But he had heart, and was a good Denver QB.

Denver Broncos HOF LB: Randy Gradishar, was incredible! It is a crime that he’s not in the Pro Football HOF. He led a Denver ‘D’ of the ’70-’80’s, what was a 3-4 dominate force before 3-4’s time. He was the NFL’s 1978 Defensive Player Of The Year.  Merlin Olsen said about Gradishar: “If you ask me to name the five best linebackers I played against, or had a chance to cover in my broadcasting career, Randy Gradishar would be on that list . . . There is no question about his credentials; Randy Gradishar belongs in the Hall of Fame.”

Randy was incredible, and you could just talk about him forever. He was the best.

Denver Broncos HOF WR: Mark Jackson, if you know anything about the Broncos, then you remember “the drive” when Elway became JOHN ELWAY, and when Mark Jackson was introduced to the “Three Amigos”. He caught the TD pass that ended the drive, and became a Broncos Fan favorite from that point on. He was a great wide out.

Denver Broncos HOF QB: JOHN ELWAY, is one of the two Broncos currently in the Pro Football HOF. You don’t need to know anything about #7, but I will say there will never be another like him.

Denver Broncos HOF T: Gary Zimmerman, the second Bronco to be put into the NFL HOF. He was great, and led a line that could give you 5 minutes in the pocket, and also open up holes for a freight train.

Denver Broncos HOF S: Steve Atwater, The best safety in NFL history! The fact the he’s not in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame is also outrageous. Atwater returned 24 interceptions for 408 yards and a touchdown. Tackles: 1180.Forced Fumbles: 12. Two Super Bowl rings. His stats tell the story of his great career by themself.

Denver Broncos HOF RB; Terrell Davis, paved the way for modern day backs running style. Such as M. Barber, and Tiki Barber, and many others. The style of just flat out getting the job done. Every run counts, you never slow down, back down, fall down, or get down. He is one of my all time favorite Broncos, though many talk about his injury shortened spam in the NFL, they never seem to realize how incredible his stats are for only 7 years Pro. His 7607 rushing yards, and 65 total Touchdowns are mind blowing especially considering he only played in 20 games in 1999-2001 (Three Seasons). He also was the Super Bowl XXXII MVP. He deserves NFL HOF and has a chance to get in this year.

Denver Broncos HOF LB:Bill Romanowski, Romo due to stats not being collected and counted like they are now-a-days he does not have mind blowing stats, but his 39.5 counted sacks to say some. Bill was feared, and one of the best.

Denver Broncos HOF TE: Shannon Sharpe: Sharpie, had in his sweet career, 815 catches, 10060 yards, and 62 TD’s make him one of the best ever.

Denver Broncos HOF DB: Darrent Williams, DWill will always in Denver Bronco fans, players, and coaches hearts, along with anyone associated with the NFL. Many people do not realize how good his career really was. If it was not sadly shortened by death he would have become an All-Pro NFL HOF DB.

Denver Broncos HOF LB: Al Wilson, the best of his time. Yes, the best of his time. Ray Lewis is overrated, and the others did not have the heart of Al Wilson. Even after his career ending injury, Al fought, and tried to get back into football. But his injury was to bad. I love Al, him and John Lynch. They were the best ever.

Denver Broncos HOF WR(s): Ed McCaffery, and Rod Smith, much like the duo that Brandon Marshall, and Eddie Royal, they were the BEST! And both could find them selves in Ohio’s Hall.

Currently NFL playing current or former Broncos who will get into the Denver Broncos HOF: Jason Elam, John Lynch, Champ Bailey, D.J. Williams, Tom Nalen, Jay Cutler, Elvis Dumervil, Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler, Dre Bly, it’s to soon too say, but MAYBE Selvin Young. LOL that’s like the whole Bronco team.

Honorable mentions: Otis Armstrong, Bill Thompson, Matt Lepsis, Rick Upchurch, Tom Jackson, Tyrone Braxton, and Reggie Hayward. Many more, tell who you think I missed, or should maybe not be in, via the comments.

Jon Krause is a member of the Bronco Madness staff, you can catch his own blog at Broncos Zone.

  1. November 13, 2008 7:59 PM

    I like most of your picks. I would not put Mark Jackson in the Denver Broncos Hall of Fame, but I would put Rich “Tombstone” Jackson. I think Karl Mecklenburg should be on the list as well. How about the Broncos all time sack leader, Simon Fletcher.

    Overall, good list. Here are the Denver Broncos Greatest Players

  2. January 23, 2009 9:38 AM

    Hey Aric thanks for the comment. Forgive my Bronco History Ignorance.

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